Monster Hunter Stories 2: Prayer Pot Max Level and Prayers List

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The Prayer Pot can be used to grant bonuses before you head out on a quest. You'll need Charms to do so, with Monster hunter Stories 2 offering a wide range of options. You'll level up the Prayer pot as you go, though it'll be a while before you unlock all prayers and hit the maximum level. In this Prayer pot guide we'll explain what the max level is, and how to level it up. We'll also take a look at the eight prayers currently available in the game.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Prayer Pot Max Level

The Max Level for the Prayer Pot is Level 20 in Monster Hunter Stories 2. The first eight will give you a new Prayer with each level, while subsequent levels will boost the power of each prayer and charm. You'll need to use 35 Charms to reach level 8, and then a further 170 before you max out. Try to use a charm every time you head out, and send your Monsties out on Expeditions for a chance at getting more charms.


The Prayer pot in Monster Hunter Stories 2

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Prayers List

There are eight Prayers to unlock while playing Monster hunter Stories 2. They are as follows:

  1. Training (level one) - Increased XP earning rate
  2. Gathering (level two) - Increased chance of gathering rare items
  3. Lucky (level three) - Increased chance of getting rare items from fights
  4. Finding (level four) - Increased chance of finding Monsters with Rare Genes
  5. Mounting (level five) - Kinship Gauge fills at a faster rate
  6. Adamant (level six) - Decrease damage received in battle
  7. Might (level seven) - Increase damage dealt in battle
  8. Recovery (level eight) - Increased rate of HP Recovery

That's all you need to know about levelling up the Prayer pot in Monster Hunter Stories 2. For more help with the game be sure to check out our guide on getting a Palamute. Elsewhere there's our look at Climbing Ivy Walls.