Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Charge the Hammer

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 offers players 6 weapons to try out and master. The hammer is a great choice for those looking to deal blunt damage, especially on Monsters' heads and hard areas. The hammer is pretty straightforward, though it does have charge slots that can be built up to activate certain skills. In this Monster Hunter Stories 2 hammer charging guide we'll explain how to charge the hammer and more.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Charge the Hammer

To charge the hammer in Monster Hunter Stories 2 you'll need to win Head-to-head face offs. This occurs when you attack a monster that is attacking you, winning with the correct type. Power beats Technical, Technical beats speed, and Speed beats Power .Successfully doing so will charge the hammer by one slot. Keep doing this to fully charge the hammer.

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Hammer Charge Skills

You'll need a certain level of Charge to perform skills with the Hammer. Here's what you'll have access to, and how much charge you'll need to execute each move.

  • Double Swing - 1 Charge
  • Full Double Swing - 2 Charge
  • Meteor Hammer - 2 Charge
  • Parapoison Chaser (P,T,S) - Charge 1
  • Parapoison Chaser+ - Charge 2
  • Hammer Slammer - 3 Charge
  • Spinning Meteor - 3 Charge

That's how the Hammer works in Monster Hunter Stories 2. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on getting Cold Resistance. Elsewhere there's our Monsters List.