Is Monster Hunter Stories 2 A Direct Sequel?

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Capcom is about to release Monster Hunter Stories 2 this July on Nintendo Switch. However, the game will follow the story of a new protagonist than the previous game. Will Monster Hunter Stories 2 be a direct sequel in this series? Lets find out.

Is Monster Hunter Stories 2 Connected To The First Game

According to Capcom themselves on the game’s main site, Monster Hunter Stories 2 starts at a different village that also has riders. Capcom has yet to reveal if the characters are actually connected to the characters from the first game though.

The core gameplay of this title also involves taming iconic Monster Hunter creatures as your Monsties. These creatures will assist you in turn-based battles in the encounters you’ll during the adventure.

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In Generations

Additionally, the main character is confirmed to be the grandson of Red. In the current time of this game’s main protagonist, the Rathalos species are mysteriously disappearing around the world.

As seen on the official site, Red looks familiar with one of the main protagonists of the previous Stories game but was never the name. Moreover, Capcom has the same Ratha name for the new protagonist’s Rathalos and his grandfather’s partner Rathalos. Potentially, the plot of Monster Hunter Stories 2 could shed some light if the Guardian Ratha and Red are actually connected to the first game’s protagonists or a whole new character.

The protagonist’s journey begins after meeting Ena who is currently protecting a Rathalos egg. Both escape the main hero’s homeland and embark on a quest to investigate the environmental anomalies and other problems that could be linked why the Rathalos are going missing.

The Story So Far

Similar to the first story, Monster Hunter Stories 2’s protagonist will have a Rathalos as their main partner. The young Rathalos will eventually grow up to a large one but will be unable to fly according to a prophecy.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be released this coming June 25 on Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, Steam player will get this title a month later on July 9.

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