Warzone Seson 6: All Metro Subway Station Locations And How To Ride The Train

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Warzone's Season 6 update has arrived and Verdansk has a whole new mode of transportation.

While the overground train added in Season 5 has fallen flat, the underground subway offers speedy transport and lots of great loot!


If you are looking to complete the Subway Station Easter Egg, knowing where the stations are could be of help.

Here's where to find all stations and how to ride the train.

Warzone Subway Station Locations

  1. Airport (D4)
  1. Lozoff Pass (F3)
  2. Verdansk Center (H5)
  3. Downtown/Tavorsk District (F7)
  4. Barakett Shopping District (F7)
  5. Versansk Train Station (D7)
  6. Torsk Bloc (E5)

ALL ABOARD: All of the Metro Subway Station locations in Verdansk


How To Ride The Warzone Subway Train

Each station has two platforms, one for each direction you want to travel in. All stations are almost identical, meaning the layout is rarely confusing.

They also follow the line and go in order, one by one, as numbered above.

First, you'll need to enter one of the seven subway stations on the map. Simply wait for a train to arrive, hop in and wait for the train to take off!


But, trains will not move if there is fighting on the train, or between the train and platform.

Trains will also not stop at stations outside of the circle, so you will not get caught out by being dropped into the gas.

It's also worth noting that the tracks are electrified and will kill you if you stand on them for long enough.