Warzone Stadium Easter Egg Guide: How To Access The Executive Lounge (Keycard Locations, Room Access Code, Symbols And Blueprint)

Back in Season 5 of Warzone players discovered the new and improved Verdansk as they finally lifted the lid on Stadium and implemented a new Easter Egg.

But one of the more subtle changes is the addition of blue key cards that now open up previously shut off areas.

P2-16, CL-19 and EL-21 correspond to the Stadium Easter Egg which will unlock the Enigma blueprint.

Stadium Easter Egg Warzone Guide

Step 1: Find They Keycards

First, you'll want to find the three Keycards:

  • Parking Garage door - P2 - 16
  • Lower Level door - CL - 19
  • Middle-Level door - EL - 21

Each card opens a specific door. You can check which one you have by looking at your name in the bottom right of the screen.

It seems to be random where they spawn and aren't guaranteed to spawn in the same place. Usually, they are placed under stairs, in corners, behind pillars, mop buckets, seats and more - they can be spotted by their bright blue glow. They do not sit in boxes (it's also recommended if you're playing plunder not to open boxes and collect loot so you are a low-value target).

The P2-16 key card appears to spawn around the parking garage.

The P2-16 office door is located at the bottom of the parking garage allowing you into the server room with plenty of loot and a PC.

In each server room, a code will appear on the PC when interacted with - it's important to note these down as they are necessary to complete the easter egg.

The EL-21 can be found around the middle concourse, check the P1 area, and opens the door near the top of the stadium where the executive lounges are. It is located in the south corner of the Stadium.

The CL-19 code can be found on the concourse level/the first floor on the top left side of the stadium and open the office door next to the blue glowing bar.

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Step 2: Symbols

The number sequence is theoretically the same on every PC, however, when you enter a new room, the random symbols will have moved to a different place covering up old numbers revealing newer numbers instead.

You can then line them up to figure out what number they are e.g. if the nose shape code that was there in the first code has moved and been replaced with a new number, you now know that symbol is the number 2.

Realistically, you should aim to get all three cards to complete this but it can be done with just 2. With just two sets, you'll have one outstanding symbol that you won't know what it is.

Head to the keypad locked door, on the top floor/executive level is. Insert your code into the keypad and brute force your way in by trying all combinations where the unknown symbol interferes until it opens.

Once you gain access to the locked room, you will see the following:

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Photo via @WarzoneNewz

Step 3: Unlock The Executive Lounge

The Enigma blueprint is on the big office desk in front of you when you enter and will have a loadout drop marker on the floor. This will also set off fireworks on the top of the stadium.

If you're struggling, check out Geeky Pastimes tutorial.

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