UGC Niagara 2015 Results

A 64 team bracket, headlined by nV and tK competed for a share of $20,000.

UGC Niagara was back this year with three titles supported: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Super Smash Bros. Melee, and NHL '15. You'll find everything you need to know about this weekend's Advanced Warfare tournament detailed here, including placements, prize pool, a full bracket and a breakdown of the event itself. In order to read in more depth about either of the other two titles, take a trip over to the UGC website

Final Placements

A 64 team bracket competed this weekend, aspirations of making a memorable stamp on the international Call of Duty scene and a stake at the prize pool aplenty. The top 8 placing teams are listed below, complete with their full rosters, prizes and pro points awarded. If you'd like to seek out teams that placed lower down, the full bracket can be found below.

1st: Team Kaliber | Parasite, Nameless, Sharp, Goonjar$10,000, 10,000 Pro Points

2nd: Team EnVyUs | Loony, TeePee, Proofy, Merk $4,000, 6,000 Pro Points

3rd: 3sUp Enterprises | Sender, Diabolic, Ivy, Lawless | $3,000, 4,400 Pro Points

4th: Boreal eSports | BerTT, Knight, Surprize, Slayzay | $2,000, 3,600 Pro Points

5th: DA Below Zero | GodLike, Wolf, Swarley, Assauhlt | $1,000, 3,200 Pro Points

6th: Team Cave Gaming | Slipy, Happy, Pemby, Nverted | 3,200 Pro Points

7-8th: SetToDestroyX | iLLSkiLL, Myth Stevey, Royalty | 2,800 Pro Points

7-8th: Purist eSports | Holler, Connah, Demented, Miz | 2,800 Pro Points

9th-12th:2,200 Pro Points | 13th-16th:1,800 Pro Points | 17th-24th:1,200 Pro Points | 25th-32nd:800 Pro Points

 You can view the full UGC Niagara Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bracket here.

Team Kaliber's Road to Victory

This weekend was certainly important for Team Kaliber, a roster with megatons of potential on paper but unable to attain any real form of consistency online since forming. Whilst there was little in the way of established AAA opposition, two close-fought battles against Team Envy (sans Saints) certainly highlighted that their capability can translate to great performances against top-tier names.

Winner's Bracket Round 2

Team Kaliber3 - 1OutLaw Nation

After receiving an expected free pass to the second round for being the top seeded team attending, Team Kaliber got off to somewhat of a shaky start. Despite this, they clearly recovered quickly, using collective experience in high pressure situations to lock down the series and finish it off fashionably. OutLaw Nation will no doubt be satisfied, having managed to bruise the egos of the eventual UGC Niagara champions by securing a map.

Winner's Bracket Round 3

Team Kaliber 3 - 0 SetToDestroyX Deception

Winner's Bracket Round 3, 4 and 5 all went in a remarkably similar way; with Team Kaliber delivering a swift 3-0 victory. This was certainly a statement of intent from the team that had looked somewhat shaky during initial rounds, showing that they were here to silence the critics and prove that they have staying power as a unit.

Winner's Bracket Round 4

Team Kaliber 3 - 0 Purist Gaming

Winner's Bracket Round 5

Team Kaliber 3 - 0 Team Cave Gaming

Winner's Bracket Finals

Team Kaliber 3 - 0 Team Envy

The much awaited showdown. As was clear from the outset of the weekend, the real contest was always going to be between these two squads - the potential of Team Kaliber against three quarters of Envy's talent-heavy powerhouse roster. Lacking Saints was certainly going to damage them in the slaying department, but most considered Merk more than able to fill in and help secure the win over a tK that had seemed so shaky online.

Alas, Kaliber proved dominant. Hardpoint and Search and Destroy both ended with fierce displays of superiority leaving Envy demoralised and in dire straights. It seemed that Uplink was headed in exactly the same way as well, with tK leading 7-2 after an exceptional first half, but Envy found a second wind and fought for their lives during the dying 5 minutes of the series. The final score was 9-7, allowing the quartet spearheaded by Parasite to sail onwards to the Grand Finals.

The real contest was always going to be between these two squads.

 Grand Finals

Team Kaliber 3 - 0 Team Envy

 The rematch we were all expecting, no doubt. The Boys in Blue had fire in their bellies, which was certainly not fairly reflected by the end result. Team Kaliber needed to take home one series in order to list the UGC crown upon their heads, Envy two. Explosive play by a clearly warmed up nV took their opposition by surprise, locking down the first map with little challenge and leading the second confidently. After a hard fought Search and Destroy, Envy displayed calm, efficient play and clutched up to take a 2-0 lead, before further stamping on their previous defeat by swiftly making it a 3-0.

The tables had turned, both teams were now on equal ground.

Beginning to hit a rhythm of their own, Team Kaliber showed that they certainly were not willing to go down without a fight. A quick Hardpoint victory and a 6-3 in Search and Destroy under their belts, everything fell to Capture the Flag. A tie led to overtime, which tK eventually manage to prove superior in. A tough series for them, certainly the highlight of the tournament overall. 

The best Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare teams from around the world are set to compete at the Gfinity Spring Masters I, May 8-10th. You can grab tickets to spectate the entire thing live, or read up on additional information here.

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