Top Ten Worst Guns of the Black Ops Series

In my previous article I discussed what I believed to be the top ten guns in the Black Ops series. However, for every good gun in the series, there was also a less viable choice...

So in this article we continue with the Call of Duty nostalgia to dredge up memories of the worst and most unpopular guns in Black Ops multiplayer. 


10. BO2 Chicom CQB

Unlocked at level 37

This sub machine gun had a pretty high rate of fire, but I rarely saw this gun used in multiplayer. This was probably due to the poor reload speeds paired with the 3 round burst fire. However, the gun did offer Select Fire and Fast Mags that could help with reload speeds, but the Chicom still didn’t gain any popularity over the subs in its class.


9. BO2 SMR

Unlocked at level 46

Black Ops 2 has some really great assault rifles, but the SMR is pretty low on the list. The semi automatic AR boasted the highest damage per shot of all the ARs, but failed on many other levels. The gun had a slow fire rate and poor reload speed, which is unfortunate since the ammo capacity was only at 20 rounds. There were attachments to make this gun perform well at medium range combat, but there were also way better choices for your AR class.


8. BO1 MAC11

Unlocked at level 11

The MAC11 was a sub-machine gun that lacked quality in its class. A 20 round magazine just didn’t make sense for a gun with such high fire rate, you just burn through ammo even with Scavenger and Extended Mags. You could even dual wield the MAC11, but that didn’t make this sub any better to use. This is a gun I rarely saw used in multiplayer with both MP5K and the AK74u offering a better experience.


 7. BO1 Kiparis

Unlocked after all other subs are purchased

Even though this was the last sub you could purchase in Black Ops 1, Treyarch did not save the best for last—quite the opposite. The Kiparis had a really high rate of fire, but the clip size is almost non-existent with a 20 round mag. The damage was also disappointing, so you were basically relying on high fire rate which wouldn’t even get you far without Extended Mags.


6. BO2 Executioner

Unlocked at level 31

This secondary weapon was a unique revolver which fired shotgun shells instead of typical handgun ammo. The gun sounds powerful at a glance, but it’s merely average with even worse range. The gun is unique, but it won’t get you kills without the Long Barrel attachment and even then you might lose the gun fight. This is the only gun in its class that I really hated to use.


 5. BO1 Olympia

Unlocked at level 1

This shotgun was your default option in the CQB class. It was also a pretty poor option. This double barrel shotgun lacked the range and the power to be of any use. Unlike the Spas-12, you probably wouldn’t get a one hit kill unless your target was already in your face. You only got the two rounds, so Sleight of Hand was a must if you plan to survive past your first kill. Honestly, this gun was best left on the wall of the zombie maps and kept far away from multiplayer.


 4. BO1 China Lake

Unlocked at level 48

Unlocked late in the game, Black Ops saves the worst for last in yet another class. The secondary gun option was a pump action grenade launcher with a two round capacity. Grenade launchers can be pretty annoying in Call of Duty, this launcher was annoying for a completely different reason—its inability to get a kill. Players had to really time their shots, otherwise the nades would just worthlessly bounce away. Even if you managed to impact with an enemy, you’d most likely get a hit marker unless they were extremely close to the blast radius. This secondary was terrible for getting kills.


3. BO1 Dragunov

Unlocked at level 3

This sniper rifle was also found in the default sniper class. The Dragunov is a gun which constantly resurfaces throughout the franchise despite its lack of popularity in multiplayer. No one really uses this sniper in multiplayer and if they do, they only make that mistake once. There was no point in stealth mode with this gun either, because the damage was already on the low end.  So a silencer was used only if you enjoyed getting hit markers.


 2. BO 1 WA2000

Unlocked at level 10

This sniper rifle was a disappointment to its class. One disadvantage was the WA2000 pretty much failed at one hit kills unless it was a headshot. Chances are you’d need to fire more than one shot, and the clip is pretty meager at 6 rounds. The only real thing the WA offered was a hit marker nightmare.


1. BO1 Uzi

Unlocked at level 23

This Sub-machine gun had extremely high fire rate, but caused such a lack of accuracy due to the recoil. A grip could only slightly improve the out of control recoil, but overall the gun couldn’t provide the same combat experience as the other guns in its class. Seriously, the high fire rate can’t make up for the bad iron sights and uncontrollable recoil that prevents precision.

The Uzi tops my list as the most undesirable and worst gun in the Black Ops series. The Dragunov is consistantly bad in every Call of Duty game, and I don't think it should reappear in future multiplayer installments.

Again these are just my opinions, what Black Ops guns did you dislike?


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