Top Ten Guns of the Black Ops Series

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Black Ops 3 is officially on the horizon. Treyarch’s sub-series boasted refreshing changes to the Call of Duty franchise, and offered several memorable and not so memorable weapons.

Let’s enjoy some Call of Duty nostalgia and discuss the weapons of Black Ops. In this article I discuss and countdown what I believe to be the best multiplayer weapons in the Black Ops series.



10. BO2 B23R


Unlocked at level 19

The B23R is the only secondary weapon I included on this list. The pistols of Black Ops 2 were all pretty powerful in comparison to some of the other franchise installments, but the B23R was my personal choice. This was a 3 round burst pistol with great fire rate and the recoil was pretty average. I can’t count how many times this powerful pistol saved me in gun fights or helped me clutch in league play, especially with the addition of the Fast Hands perk. I know some players prefered the fire rate of the KAP-40, but I liked the control of the B23R better.



9. BO2 AN-94


This is the last assault rifle unlocked after purchasing all others in the class.

The AN-94 was a popular choice due its well-rounded stats, including large ammo capacity for multiple kills. I found the iron-sights for this gun to be slightly annoying, but you can slay enemies fast with or without a sight attachment.




Unlocked at level 22

The semi-auto assault rifle had extremely high damage per shot and low recoil making it a great choice for precision kills. The gun was optimal for medium to long range combat, and particular great for slaying or anchoring in Hardpoint. This was a competition staple before being banned from MLG. 


7. BO1 AK-74u

Unlocked at level 17

This sub-machine gun was well balanced with power, accuracy, and range for run and gun play style. This gun paired with a grip attachment, was also a popular choice for competitive objective players who enjoyed close range combat.



6. BO2 DSR 50

Unlocked at level 4

This sniper rifle makes this list as one of the best in its class. It’s no surprise to see a sniper rifle here due to the popularity of “quick scoping” in the CoD franchise. Whether players were quick scoping in private matches with friends or getting long range kills in public matches, the DSR had the damage power get the job done, despite the low rate of fire.


5. BO1 Galil


Unlocked at level 20

The Galil assault rifle offered low recoil, great fire power, and decent iron sights. A silencer and dual mags make great attachments for this AR, and can be used efficiently for any game mode.



Unlocked at level 28

The MSMC sub machine gun offered the highest damage for close range run and gun gameplay. This gun performed even better with a grip and Fast Mags. I know a lot of people worshiped the PDW, but the MSMC was my personal choice for OBJ rushing in league play.



3. BO2 M8A1

Unlocked at level 49

The M8 is a burst fire assault rifle with the option of Select-Fire for those looking for a fully automatic experience, but you sacrifice some accuracy as fully auto. This rifle was commonly found in league play with a red dot attachment, and burst fire is all you really need if you have a quick trigger finger.


2. BO2 PDW-57


Unlocked at level 4

This sub machine gun compared pretty closely to the MSMC and was unlocked very early in the game making it an easy choice for close range combat. Unlocked early in the game, this sub had great range and offered the largest ammo capacity of its class.


1. BO1 Famas 

Unlocked at level 14

This assault rifle was a competition staple for many competitive players. The AR offered a versatile and fully automatic choice. If you ever played the comp game mode, you likely encountered teams using the Famas equipped with a red dot attachment.


In my opinion, the Famas from Black Ops 1 reigns supreme as the most versatile gun for multiplayer. This gun allowed players to efficiently get kills with great accuracy in both long and short range scenarios. There’s a reason why almost every comp player was using this AR, and that’s because this assault rifle complimented almost everyone’s play style and it didn’t matter what game mode you played. 

Stay tuned for part two of this article where I discuss the worst weapons found in the Black Ops series multiplayer.


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