Tommey Announces New Team

In a Gfinity exclusive, we can finally put to bed the rumours surrounding Tom "Tommey" Trewen’s future and the queries surrounding his potential permanent return to Epsilon eSports.

With his unexpected departure from Team Vitality, the large majority of the communities expectations saw Tommey re-joining the team he experienced much success with in 2014. However, in a surprising turn of events, Tommey shared the following statement with us:

So as many of you guys know, the whole question of whether I’m, going to re-join Epsilon has been circulating for a very long time now. I can finally announce what's actually happening with myself and my new team.

When signing for Vitality at the end of Ghosts, I didn't actually sign the contract with the team "Vitality", it was with the company behind the team, Redwing. That meant that even though I was released/left the roster in Vitality, I was still under contract with Redwing.

We had plans to create Vitality.UK but that fell through, however we still wanted to create a new team (or brand) but again more issues came around with the Call of Duty Championships being announced, meaning players couldn't leave organisations, and organisations wouldn't let players go.

This isn't how I would have liked to announce what I'm doing, I would have much preferred to be able to have a full roster, with everything sorted behind the scenes but right now that isn't possible and won't be until after Champs has finished.

The name of my new team will be STORM; I know not everyone will like this but we feel it's the most appropriate. I will be the only player representing the team at present and no, the Epsilon roster do not have any plans to be part of this after the Championships.

There will more announcements over the coming weeks in terms of sponsors and our plans. If you could show your support and drop our Twitter a follow for now, that'd be greatly appreciated - @StormEU.

We will be brining you any further developments with Tommey and the newly founded STORM over the coming weeks.

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