Tickets to the CoD Summer Championship Are Now On Sale!

We’re delighted to announce that tickets to the most anticipated Call of Duty event in European history, the Call of Duty Summer Championship, are now available for purchase!

The Summer Championship will welcome 16 of the world’s leading competitive Call of Duty teams as they compete for a slice of the third biggest prize pool in Call of Duty history, $100,000, and the coveted title of Gfinity Champion.

Grab your tickets today! This event will sell out, so don't delay. Please note this is an 18+ event.

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16 invitations will be equally divided between the North American and European regions of the competitive Call of Duty community.

The Top 4 placing teams within the European Call of Duty Pro League will earn automatic qualification to the event, while the remaining 4 spots will be shared between 2 European Qualifiers and 2 invitations.

The remaining 8 invitations will be issued to the Top 4 seeded teams within North America (based upon the Pro Point standings as of the 1st of July), in addition to 4 NA invites.

A full prize pool breakdown can be found below:

1st - $50,000

2nd - $25,000

3rd - $10,000

4th - $5,000

5th-8th - $2,500

Within the coming days, we will be announcing the official teams attending the CoD Summer Championship, so keep your eyes peeled for further announcements!

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