Throwback Black Ops II Tournament Announced by MLG

The long rumoured throwback Call of Duty: Black Ops II tournament by MLG has finally be confirmed tonight, thanks to a tweet from MLG's Chris Puckett.

It's happening! Throw Back Black Ops 2 tournament starts tomorrow featuring Legendary Rosters!!!
— Chris Puckett (@MLGPuckett)
June 8, 2015

The tournament is set to start tomorrow, June 9th at 7PM ET and will be casted by Puckett, Revan and Mr X, with a $5,000 prize pool confirmed for the online tournament.

As confirmed on MLG's talk show, the eSports Report earlier today, it will be an 8 team tournament featuring legacy rosters from the Black Ops II Season (or as close to those legacy teams as is currently possible with current player statuses), with 7 of the teams having already been confirmed. Currently announced to be competing are the following.

OpTic Gaming | BigTymer, Merk, JKap, Scump

Fariko Impact | Parasite, Mirx, Karma, Killa

UNiTE | MBoze, Ricky, Nameless, Saints

Team Kaliber | Neslo, Sharp, Theory, Goonjar

Icons Conquer |

Faze |

Complexity | 

Some of these rosters have not been publicly confirmed as of yet, and as a result aren't listed. We'll provide updates as soon as final roster confirmations are given. It was confirmed on the eSports Report that full roster information for all teams will be provided tomorrow, as well as the pools for the tournament itself.

Are you excited to see Impact cometing together once again? To see the return of BigTymer? Either way, it should be a monumental tournament full of what will probably be our final call back to Black Ops II action.

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