The Top 10 Worst & Best Maps In The Call of Duty Franchise

Throughout the years, the Call of Duty franchise has contained some of the most popular and loathed multiplayer maps within the gaming community. Today, I’ll be taking you on a trip down memory lane, as we discuss the top 10 worst and best maps of the entire series.  

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get down to business as we countdown the 10 most popular and iconic maps within Call of Duty history. 

10)      Mission – Modern Warfare 3

Mission is a prime example of the classic 3-lane map layout. With only two appropriate buildings to take cover in (one at the top left corner of the map and one in the bottom right), the common and most successful strategy amongst players was to simply run head first into the chaos and hope for the best.

A white truck located in the middle lane was often used as cover, however, it would typically explode within the first few seconds of the game, killing multiple enemies, creating a clip worthy of a YouTube montage. 

9)      Toujane  Call of Duty 2

For those of you of the younger generation, you might not recognise this map. Toujane was a multiplayer map in Call of Duty 2, based in a North African town. As Toujane possessed several rooftop vantage points, it was highly popular and useful amongst snipers.

8)     Makin Day – Call of Duty: World at War

Set in the Pacific Islands, this Japanese beach outpost is my favourite map from World at War. The narrow walkways made for some intense close-quarters combat, while the openly accessible beach prevented players from escaping the incoming artillery strikes and the distinctive ‘ping’ of a headshot dealt by a sneaky sniper, hidden in the high watchtower.

7)     Launch – Call of Duty: Black Ops

Launch was one of the very first maps in the Call of Duty franchise to include a dynamic event. At a random time in game, sirens would sound and the huge rocket would prepare itself for take-off. But, be careful! If you were unfortunate enough to be standing under the engines, you would be burnt to a crisp.

Different routes to the centre of the map allowed players to either rush straight into the middle and slay their opponents or hang back in the narrow alleyways and sneak up onto their unsuspecting victims. 

6)      Crash – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 

Crash is one of the most iconic and popular maps to have ever emerged from the Call of Duty franchise. Through the inclusion of several medium sized buildings, Crash added an element of depth to CoD, with players adapting to vantage points, flanks, head glitches and camping spots. It truly was a masterpiece. 

5)      Nuketown  Call of Duty: Black Ops

Set in a nuclear testing facility in the Nevada Desert, Nuketown offers some of the most chaotic and fast paced action in Call of Duty history. Hugely popular amongst fans, this map has grown into the pinnacle of an entertaining, yet organised frenzy.

4)      Standoff – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Arguably, Standoff is one of the most balanced maps within the Call of Duty franchise, with very little advantage to be gained on either side of the map. Both initial spawn locations contain buildings with equal sight lines, making it largely popular amongst those looking to hit some awesome cross-map sniper shots.  

With a distinct 3 lane system, good flanking routes and a central house acting as the focal point, Standoff was perfectly constructed for every gamemode. 

3)      Retreat – Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Although Advanced Warfare has only been released for a few months, Retreat has already grown to become one of my personal all-time favourite maps. Along with the classic 3 lane structure, Retreat boats a plethora of ledges and rooftops for players to fully utilise the new exo-mechanics implemented by Sledgehammer.

From a competitive perspective, the old-school layout makes the map perfect for both Hardpoint and Capture the Flag, with different routes available to cut off the main lanes. 

2)      Overgrown – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare


As one of the larger maps within the Call of Duty franchise, Overgrown accommodates the needs of every type of player. With long lines of sight, you can choose to sit back and engage in sniper battles or if you are more of an aggressive player, sprinting straight down the dried river bed and surprising your enemy is also great fun.

With many different routes, the unpredictable nature of online FPS games is epitomised within this map alone, making it one of the best in the franchise. 

1)      Rust – Modern Warfare 2

Although Rust is one of the smallest maps in the entire Call of Duty franchise, it is also a fan favourite. Due to its unique layout, snipers thoroughly enjoyed this map, as they picked off their enemies from the huge central tower.

The small tin shack and the burning truck made for excellent cover from the overhead pipelines, as the rest of the map was engulfed in a frenzy of gunfights.   

Personally, for me, Rust is the most iconic map in Call of Duty history.  

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