Team Revenge Crumbles

Team Revenge were the surprise of the 2015 Call of Duty Championships - a lineup that was expected to scrape the outer edges of top 12 by many managed to conquer the odds and finish 2nd, securing $200,000 between them in the process. A lineup of players that hadn't broken into the upper echelons of the Call of Duty pro scene had finally made their mark, and placed their names down in the game's history together.

Today, it was announced by Remyy that the team had split up. He posted a Twitlonger, stating:

"I'm available for UMG Cali and onward. Revenge has basically split up, but being on this team showed me that anything is possible. Never thought I would take gaming to this level and is literally amazing what us four accomplished as a team on Revenge. Hope every player on Revenge finds their team and this wasn't for nothing. The faces behind Revenge @Pittsburgh_tR and @JWHAT_tR, I have became best friends with. I have been with them for 6 months and they are by far the best organization owner and manager I have been with. Would love to be apart of a team with them again any day. And a big thanks to @DIGITALxASSAULT for helping Revenge and us players achieve what we have done. Thanks for reading, and we going to go all out in Europe for you guys and gals these next 2 weekends with the old Revenge team. <3"

The Team Revenge roster will still be competing together at the eSports World Cup in Paris next weekend. 

UPDATE: Nagafen pitched in on Twitter, offering his point of view on the split:

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