Team Prophecy Adds AquA, Mochila Joins aR

Well, we didn't have to wait particularly long to find out what was happening to members of the former Team Revenge quartet, did we? Earlier this evening, we reported that surprise 2nd place finishers a the 2015 Call of Duty Championships, Team Revenge, had gone their seperate ways due to the inability to secure a MLG League spot together. 

Now, Team Prophecy have promoted AquA from the reserve bench to stand as a fully fledged starter for the team, sending their own player in Mochila to the reserves in exchange. The organisation tweeted this out to confirm the change. 

We'd like to officially welcome @prophAquA to the #prophLife! He will be replacing @MochilaSteve as a starter! -
— Prophecy (@ProphecyTeam)
April 27, 2015


It's unknown as of yet where the other three members of Team Revenge are planning on making their new homes, and what the team is planning for attendance of the upcoming ESWC event in Paris next weekend. 

The current full Prophecy starting lineup is as follows: 

Aches - AquA - Censor - Apathy

No doubt we'll hear more in the very near future. These roster movements are certainly not over just yet.

UPDATE: Mochila certainly spent little time waiting around, having found a spot on the starting lineup of Automatic Reload in place of Happy already. The new full Automatic Reload roster is:

Burnsoff - Mochila - Spacely - Anticity

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