Re-imagined Nuk3town Coming to Black Ops 3

Treyarch's beloved map Nuketown will make a return to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. 

Activision have announced that a re-imagined version of the fan favourite map ‘Nuketown’ will be available on launch day, November 6th.  

‘Nuk3town’ will be available to everyone who purchases a copy of Black Ops 3 on the PS4, Xbox One or PC. The map will be accessible as downloadable bonus content, with a physical code supplied with each retail copy of the title.

The redesign for BO3 is set in the year 2065, and Activision have stated that the new version was designed to compliment BO3's new movement system.

Mark Lamia, Studio Head at Treyarch, went on to further state:

The Nuketown maps have a special place in Call of Duty multiplayer history and we can’t wait to build upon that heritage in Black Ops III”.

We carefully adapted the design of the map to make sure that it fit with our new movement system, but to also make sure we retained the spirit and the fun that made fans fall in love with it in the first place

It's probably safe to assume we'll all be wall riding the Nuketown buildings on November 6th and we can’t wait! 

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