Modern Warfare Weapons: Camoflauges And How To Unlock Gold Camo, Platinum Camo And Damascus Camo

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With an army of holiday Modern Warfare players just lurking around the corner, you shoul definitely arm yourself with information about the weapons available in the game. But if you want to style on the newbs on top of gunning them down, you'll probably want to know what's the situation surrounding weapon camoflauges. Modern Warfare actually features 103 camos at launch for each weapon!

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How Do Camos Work?

Each weapon has a new system for camos. As detailed in last week's Activision Blog post, each weapon has 10 camo categories to unlock. These categories are unlocked just by leveling up the weapon. Each of the 10 categories unlocks at different weapon levels.

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The 10 categories for each weapon are:

  • Spray Paint
  • Woodland 
  • Digital 
  • Urban
  • Splinter 
  • Topo
  • Tiger
  • Stripes 
  • Reptile 
  • Skulls

Once you unlock a category by reaching a certain weapon level, each of the categories then have 10 variants of camos to unlock. Each camo is tied to in-game challenges (e.g. spray paints require certain kills, others need headshots).


In total, that's 100 camos - you can unlock 3 more:

  • Gold camo - unlock all 100 camos for each weapon
  • Platinum camo - unlock gold for all weapons in a category
  • Damascus - unlock every camo for every weapon

Photo via Charlie Intel


Photo via Charlie Intel


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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91