Modern Warfare And Warzone Season 5: New Mini Battle Royale Mode.

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The long-awaited release of Season 5 in Modern Warfare and Warzone is nearly here.

There's so much content to look forward to and play on the release of Season 5.


One exciting feature coming with the release of the new Season is a new fasted-paced game mode.

Let's check out everything we know about the new game mode, Mini Royale


Mini Royale

The goal of Mini Royale is to condense the Warzone experience into a shorter period of time.


The mode will encourage constant and chaotic combat situations with fast-paced gameplay.

The matches will be significantly shorter than a typical Battle Royale match.

This offers players with less time an option to play without sacrificing the intense and exciting moments Warzone offers.


Courtesy of Activision

Mini Royale Features

  • Mini Royale takes place on Verdansk like the typical Battle Royale mode.
  • Mini Royale lowers the number of Operators on the map but quickens the BR experience.
  • Only the first and last five minutes of a normal Battle Royale game exist.
  • The mode encourages constant movement and high-kill strategies.
  • The mode encourages rapid deployment.

It's great to see a mode added that offers players with less time on their hands a chance to play.

The fast-paced game mode might be an ideal way to warm up before a full Battle Royale game.

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