Modern Warfare And Warzone Weekly Update: 6th July - Bomb Plant Moshpit And Realism Gun Game

After the mid-season 4 update, a new weekly briefing update is live for Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Featuring new bundles, new game modes such as Realism Gun Game and even a new bombsite based playlist; there's something for everyone this week.

Here's what's new for Modern Warfare and Warzone players.

Gunfight Tournaments

Gunfight Tournaments have returned! Not familiar with how it works? Simply win four games before you lose one and you’ll walk away with some awesome rewards.

Even if you lose your first or final round match, there is XP and other cool rewards to be earned.


SERE Kit: Plunder

the SERE Kit: Plunder Player Store Bundle is built for those ready to hustle for cash across Verdansk, as it comes with two blueprints.

The Alabaster assault rifle, which includes a kitted out GRAU 5.56 and the White Light sniper rifle.

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Blood In The Water Bundle

If you're more interested in getting up close and personal, pick up the 'Blood In The Water' bundle and dive into the action with the Epic Feeding Frenzy Shotgun Blueprint.

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Bomb Plant Moshpit

A new playlist has been added that feature bomb site based game modes such as Search and Destroy or Demolition.

Realism Gun Game

Realism Gun Game features blueprint weapons to cycle through as you only have yourself and your senses to rely on for survival.

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