Modern Warfare And Warzone Weekly Update: 10th August - Free Weekend, 3v3 Gunfight Blueprints, New Bundles and Mini Royale

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Season 5 is out and there's so much content to get stuck into in Call of Duty.

As always, there's plenty to look forward to in this week's Weekly Briefing.

Let's check out what's coming our way and what you can look forward to this week.


Free Multiplayer Period

There are still two days to get free access to Modern Warfare's multiplayer modes.

Take a break from Warzone and hop into the fast-paced multiplayer modes of Modern Warfare.

Battle on the latest maps in modes such as Bare Bones.

This mode is Call of Duty at it's purest form, no Killstreaks, no Field Upgrades, and no perks, just an Operator and their weapon.

The free period only lasts until August 12th, so don't waste any time and jump in right away!

Courtesy of Activision


3V3 Gunfight Blueprints

Are you looking to try out some Blueprints before you add them to your Multiplayer or Warzone Loadouts?

3v3 Gunfight Blueprints is the perfect mode to test out tactics you can utilize with different weapons.

This will allow you to find your favourite Blueprints before you take them to the main modes.

Gunfight Blueprints takes place in smaller maps so be careful when you go for the Overtime Flag.

Courtesy of Activision


New Bundles And Blueprints

The 'Executive Armorer' bundle is out for the mace.

Alongside it comes two new legendary blueprints: Mother Lode and Royal Coffer with gold tracer fire.

This bundle also comes with the Golden Hew melee hatchet, charm, sticker, and a voice quip. 


The 'Poison Dart' blueprint bundle has also been released.

This features the Galapagos and the Anole, both weapons focus on dart-like control and accuracy, so you can hit the bullseye of your target.

The bundle also includes a calling card and animated emblem.

Check out the Galapagos below:


Courtesy of Activision


Mini Royale

This frantic mode was released with Season 5 and offers a condensed Warzone experience.

Games are significantly shorter and provide a level of chaos not present in any other mode.

The game mode captures the spirit of the final minutes of an intense Warzone game.

If you enjoy a bit of chaos, definitely check out Mini Royale and test your worth against other players.

Check out the full Weekly Briefing here.