Warzone & Modern Warfare Season 5: Update Size Is So "BIG" A Pre-Load Update Is Now Available

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We're just a few days away from the much anticipated Season 5 update for Warzone and Modern Warfare!

It's no secret that the game itself is notoriously large and is well known for producing extremely large updates; meaning little room for any other games on your hard drive.


We've now had confirmation that the next update is "big" and so to compensate a pre-load update has been made available.

Update Size Is "Big"

As expected, the new update for Warzone and Modern Warfare will be "big" according to Infinity Ward's Production Designer Paul Haile.

hey all - season 5 is coming soon, and its big. with the update we're including all the new content for the season as well as optimizing our asset packs.
— Paul Haile (@Tyrael)
August 2, 2020

There is good news, however, the new season will once again be optimised meaning that the download size will be big, but the overall size of the game will shrink.


Paul also made a promise to fans that they will continue to optimise the game and push space reductions, where possible, in the future.

Meanwhile, in the early hours of this morning, a 36GB update was pushed to PS4 platforms in preparation for the 1.24 update on the 5th August.


So far it only seems to have been pushed to the main Modern Warfare game and only to PS4 consoles.


According to Charlie Intel, Sony has released the update early but it can not be installed until the 5th August.

Perhaps this is to reduce the strain of the servers and ensure players can get into the new update in a timely fashion come Wednesday.

Usually, the update is 40-50GB in size, we expect something similar this time around.


Photo via @ModernWarzone

When Is The Season 5 Update?

The Season 5 Update goes live on the 5th August at 11pm PT/ 7am BST, according to the Battle Pass expiring timer.

You can see what updates await us in our patch notes preview here.