Modern Warfare And Warzone Season 5: How To Unlock The Velikan Operator

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Shadow Company has recruited its first highly trained assassin to take on the enemy forces overrunning Verdansk.

Velikan lends his mercenary skills in Modern Warfare and Warzone.


His bundle is now available for players to pick up in Call of Duty

Velikan Bundle

To assist in his clandestine operations, Velikan’s bundle comes stacked with ten items including his ‘Megalith’ skin, the ‘Take a Bow’ Finishing Move, the ‘Masked Out’ weapon charm, and more.

The bundle also features two Legendary blueprints: the Trencher and the Excavator.


An LMG with negative tracer rounds, the Trencher sports an extended damage range and improved bullet velocity via its XRK Summit 26.8” barrel attachment, with the Tac Laser to retain a decent aim down sight (ADS) speed and the Bipod for improved recoil control while crouching or prone.

The Excavator is a shotgun also equipped with negative tracer rounds. This blueprint’s versatile attachment spread improves the weapon’s hip-fire and ADS handling.

Move faster and snap onto enemies with the XRK 14.0” SWAT barrel and maintain a swift movement speed while ADS using the FORGE TAC Ultralight stock.


The 5mW Laser improves hip-fire accuracy and sprint to fire speed, and when you’re right on top of them the Breacher Device adds melee quickness for rapid takedowns.

How To Unlock Velikan Operator

In order to unlock Velikan, you will need to purchase the Velikan bundle from the store or earn a Velikan skin.