Modern Warfare And Warzone Playlist Update: 24/7 Shipment, Shoot House, Juggernaut Royale Quads And Blood Money Trios

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Season 4 of Warzone and Modern Warfare is coming to an end and to celebrate the end, a number of Warzone and Multiplayer playlists are being updated.

Infinity Ward has announced a final double everything weekend to get your ready for the upcoming Season 5 and the playlists in action will help you reach the finish line.


Here are the details and what to expect.

New Playlists - 27th July

Infinity Ward announced their next double XP bonanza earlier this week and it will arrive with new playlists.

The event kicks off this Friday, 31st July at 6pm BST (10am PT and 1pm ET) across all multiplayer modes in both games.


Players will benefit from double XP, double weapon XP and double Battle Pass tier progression.

You can expect Solos, Duos, Trios and Quads to remain live in Warzone as you rank up, but Juggernaut Royale Quads will return this Friday. Not only that, but Blood Money Plunder Trios will be live all week.

Modern Warfare will be hosting Shipment and Shoot House 24/7 playlists to help you unlock attachments and quickly complete challenges. Not only that, but Deathmatch Domination and Dropzone also return.



Season 5

Season 5 is set to arrive on the 5th August 2020 and will bring many changes to Warzone including a running train that runs through Verdansk, as well as Stadium finally being opened up.

Not only that, but new weapons and Operators will arrive via the new Battle Pass.

You can read all about it here.