Modern Warfare & Warzone: 12 New Bundles Added To the Store

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Patch 1.21 for Modern Warfare and Warzone has gone live across all platforms and has bought a wealth of brand-new content to both games, including new maps and game modes.

Alongside the new content, a total of 12 brand-new cosmetic bundles have arrived on the in-game store! 


With each bundle offering a unique look for your Operators, we are going to take a look at what's inside each bundle. including the weapon blueprints on offer.

Avocado's Revenge

This bundle contains three Epic weapon blueprints for the Grau 5.56, X16 and the Combat Knife and a cute little angry avocado Weapon Charm!

Toasted Grau 5.56 Variant
X16 Guac My World Variant
Combat Knife Pitiful Variant

Images courtesy of CoD Tracker



Fearless Pack

The Fearless Pack is the second cosmetics bundle supporting the Call of Duty Endowment fund which supports veterans getting back into work.

Definitely a great cause to get behind. The pack contains a Legendary M4A1 blueprint.

COD Endowment M4 Blueprint

Eye of the Beholder

This bundle only contains four items but one of them is a Legendary handgun blueprint with a lush pale pink finish combined with some dark purple.

M19 Legendary Blueprint

Going the Distance

This cosmetics pack doesn't contain any weapon blueprints but does contain two vehicle skins for Warzone, complete with go-faster flames to traverse Verdansk in style.

Warzone Vehicle Skins

Heiji Miskin: Limited

With a traditional Chinese theme, this bundle contains two Legendary weapon blueprints for the Kilo 141 and the MP5 with both featuring a red finish and a contrasting green camo on the main body of the weapons.

MP5 Weapon Variant
Kilo 141 weapon variant


His Name was Death

Featuring two weapon blueprints, including a gorgeous MP5, this bundle has some serious style power.

MP5 weapon blueprint
His Name was Death bundle

No Work, All Play

Although there is only three items in this bundle, the Epic M4 blueprint adds a sparkle of colour into the game.

Monkey Business M4 weapon variant

Royal Assassin

With three Epic blueprints in the Royal Assassin bundle, add a touch of flair to your loadouts with some dark purple masterpieces.

Royal Assassin Weapon Bundle
Royal Assassin Weapon bundle
Royal Assassin modern warfare



This bundle stands out from the rest, containing a Legendary SKS blueprint along with a clean Combat Knife variant and a vehicle skin armed with a splattering of colour.

Surprise! modern warfare
Surprise! Modern Warfare bundle

The Mad Monarch

Armed with two Epic blueprints both with a burst of mint green, the Mad Monarch bundle contains two of the cleanest blueprints across Modern Warfare and Warzone.

The Mad Monarch Modern Warfare
The Mad Monarch Modern Warfare Bundle

Tracer Pack Purple

The trend of purple blueprints continues in Tracer Pack: Purple. The two legendary blueprints are kitted out with a coat of matte purple with a hint of copper thrown in for good measure.

Tracer Pack Purple bundle modern warfare
Tracer Pack Purple Modern Warfare


The twelfth and final bundle contains three Epic blueprints all armed with a crisp red,white and black finish.

trickshot bundle modern warfare
Trickshot Modern Warfare blueprints
Trickshot combat knife blueprint