Modern Warfare: Team Defender Tips And Tricks Guide

With the mid-season 4 update arriving in Modern Warfare, it brings in a new multiplayer mode called Team Defender.

The game mode was first introduced during Modern Warfare 3 and although not massively popular, was well received by those who played the mode.

Almost a decade later, the mode has been revived in a new era of Modern Warfare.

Here are our tips and tricks to the game mode

What Is Team Defender?

Team Defender is a very simple game mode that takes the traditional Capture The Flag formula, simplifies it and ups the pace.

Instead of fighting for each team's respective flag, there is only one flag on the field. Both teams are vying to capture this single flag and hold onto it.

The flag will not appear until the first kill has been made in the game - points are awarded as follows:

  • Team Without Flag - 50 points per kill
  • Team with flag - 100 points per kill
  • Kill flag carrier - 250 points
  • Flag carrier assist - 20 points

The game ends when a team reaches the 7500 point score limit.


Tips And Tricks

Opening Strategy

Firstly, it's very difficult to get the flag back once it has been captured. Players will tend to spawn close to the flag carrier, so you'll want to make sure your team captures that flag first.

Using stun grenades and securing a few kills before picking up the flag is certainly the way to go.

If you're looking to play as a slayer, using an Assault rifle like the M4A1 or GRAU 5.56 is a good way to go to clear the path for objective players.

But, if you want to play for the flag, you should run an MP5 or MP7 to do away with any forces looking to do the same; it'll also increase your mobility when making a getaway.


Locking Down The Points

Once you have the flag, you'll want to retreat to your team's side of the map and get in a safe place.

Get into a building or behind some solid cover and try not to peak unless absolutely necessary - allow your team to do the heavy lifting.

You and your teammates should be running equipment such as claymores, trip mines and trophy systems if you really want to get sweaty and secure the victory.

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