Modern Warfare Season 5: Suldal Harbor Map Guide Preview

With Modern Warfare Season 5 around the corner, we've given a glimpse at the new maps set to arrive in the new update.

Suldal Harbor is a reincarnation of a COD 1 classic, simply known as Harbor. From what we can tell, the two are very similar other than the fact the COD1 version is set in the winter.

Here's what we know about this new 6v6 map!

Suldal Harbor Map Guide

Suldal Harbor features narrow corridors and buildings that you can easily enter.

This COD1 classic was a staple for Search & Destroy and the trailer makes a fantastic call back in the trailer.

There are two buildings that players can enter on this map while the rest are closed off. In the COD 2 remake, there other buildings that are open, including the Police Building.

The Harbor Police Building is a strong room to control and subject to a majority of gun fights, as you can spot anyone moving under the underpass (Garage).

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Photo via Call of Duty Fandom

When navigating this map, you'll want to use an SMG for almost all scenarios given the close-quarters nature.

We suggest looking at the following weapons:

The map provides very few lines of sites, meaning weapons that excel at range will struggle unless playing slower. Gaining control of buildings is the best strategy for success.

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