Modern Warfare Season 4: One In The Chamber Guide

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Season 4 of Modern Warfare and Warzone is in full swing with players getting stuck into the brand-new content, including the two new weapons, new Multiplayer maps and a brand-new Battle Pass.

The content keeps on coming for Modern Warfare as popular party game mode One in the Chamber makes its debut. Originally from the first Black Ops game, the fun variation of Free-For-All has now become a staple of many CoD titles.


In this guide, find some handy tips and tricks on how to master the mode.

The Basics

For those unfamiliar with One in the Chamber, the FFA variation sees all eight players spawn in with a randomly selected weapon with just a single bullet in the chamber.

In order to earn another bullet, you must score a kill but if you miss, then it’s time to duck and dive out the way and try to beat the opponent down.

Players only have a total of three lives and once they run out, you’re out of the game!


Tips & Tricks

Be Accurate

One in the Chamber Modern Warfare

Let’s begin with the most obvious and perhaps the most essential piece of advice when it comes to finding success in One in the Chamber.

With only one chance to earn another bullet, accuracy is crucial in order to avoid early elimination and there are several ways to increase your accuracy in Modern Warfare.


Mount round a corner to catch a wondering opponent straight into your crosshairs for an easy kill or if you prefer to be more aggressive, quickly crouch before taking the shot onto the enemy.

The crouching technique relies on quick reactions to duck before taking the shot so it may take a bit of practice to get right.

Check Those Corners!

One in the Chamber Modern Warfare Guide

With only three lives to your name, it’s essential to check every possible hiding place and corner on the map to avoid being shot in the back without any chance of retaliation.


 There are a wealth of safe spaces and crafty corners on every single Modern Warfare map so keep your eyes peeled on players looking to guarantee themselves an easy kill, sending you down towards the bottom of the scoreboard.

Use Your Knife

One in the Chamber Modern Warfare tips and tricks

It is easy to slightly mistime your one and only chance to take out an enemy so if you’re stuck with no bullets to your name, you are far from out of the fight.

You can earn a bullet from scoring a kill with your knife and the trick to success with the knife is to draw the enemy into a mistake.


Bob and weave to force the enemy to take a difficult shot on a moving target and once they’ve missed, go straight for them with the knife to regain a bullet and another shot at scoring another kill.