Modern Warfare And Warzone: Community-Made DPS Chart Explained In New YouTube Video

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A new YouTube video calls attention to a DPS chart that might prove helpful to folks hoping to take their Warzone game to the next level.


Warzone Time-To-Kill Spreadsheet

The creator behind the video goes by Jet — or username Jetskji — and he does a fantastic job of explaining the info on the chart, which is split into three main columns: time to kill (with full damage breakdowns), time to kill with headshots, and graphs illustrating the best-in-class weapon for each category.

Each row, one per weapon, has additional data for whether an opponent’s wearing no armor, or one plate of armor, three plates, and so on. It’s astonishing in its rigor and detail. If it’s as accurate as it’s reputed to be, the chart could be an invaluable resource.

This community-made spreadsheet’s apparently been floating around for a few months, and was originally compiled by a YouTuber called TheXclusiveAce.


As Jet explains in his video from Tuesday, however, it’s meant to be a living, breathing document that will generally reflect new data from recent changes to weapon-damage output.

I’ve seen spreadsheets put together by data scientists, and this looks incredibly well done to this layman’s eyes. It’s definitely worth testing some of these conclusions out.