MLG X Games Final Results and Recap

This weekend, 8 of the world's best Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare teams descended upon the X Games. They were at the prestigious sporting events for one reason and one reason alone: to take home an X Games Gold Medal and a part of the hefty prize pool on offer. The MLG Pro League Season 2 playoffs were an intense affair with some exhiliarating matches between incredible lineups.

Let's take a look at who ended up victorious, and which rosters were unable to rise to the challenge.

Final Placements

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1st: OpTic Gaming | Scump - Crimsix - Karma - Formal

2nd: FaZe Clan | Huke - Slasher - Zooma - Enable

3rd: eLevate | Teej - Temp - Slacked - Classic

4th: Team Kaliber Parasite - Nameless - Sharp - Goonjar

5th/6th: Denial eSports | Clayster - Replays - JKap - Attach

5th/6th: Rise Nation | Neslo - Theory - Chino - Whea7s

7th/8thTCM Gaming | Shane - Jurd - MadCat - Moose

7th/8th: Team EnVy | Proofy - Teepee - Loony - Saints

Scump is now the only player in Call of Duty history (or, well, video game history in general, really) to possess two X Games Gold Medals.

Prize Money Distribution

1st. $30,000

2nd. $15,000

3rd. $10,000

4th. $6,000

5/6th. $4,000

7/8th. $3,000

Pro Point Distribution

1st. 25,000

2nd. 15,000

3rd. 11,000

4th. 9,000

5/6th. 8,000

7/8th. 7,000

OpTic Gaming's Road to Victory

OpTic Gaming 4 - 1 Team Kaliber

OpTic Gaming 4 - 0 Team eLevate

OpTic Gaming 4 - 1 FaZe Clan

OpTic Gaming 4 - 0 FaZe Clan

OpTic Gaming are now arguably uncontested as the world's best Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare team. This is their fourth victory in a row, and a part of two winning streaks the team has been on so far this season, only broken by a shocking performance at the Call of Duty Championships.

Their previous rivals in Denial eSports have seemingly slipped in the rankings, often struggling to even place in the top 3 as of late, and any other rosters that have offered them a challenge have crumbled and fallen after being defeated by the green wall at an event. Right now, FaZe Clan is certainly their most potent opposition, but even that is a stretch. Nothing is able to keep up with the pure slaying power and talent of OpTic.

Will they continue their streak until the end of the season, solidifying themselves as a Complexity/Evil Genuises tier dynasty in CoD? We'll soon see.

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