MLG X Games: Everything You Need to Know

Call of Duty is coming back to the X Games for the second time this weekend!

The Major League Gaming Advanced Warfare Pro League Season 2 is set to reach its climax at one of the finest stages imaginable: in the X Games stadium at Austin, Texas. The 8 qualifying teams will be competing from June 5th all the way through to June 7th, battling it out for a slice of the $75,000 prize pool on offer as well as 25,000 Pro Points to bolster their standings and seedings in advance of Season 3.

The Teams

OpTic Gaming | Scump - Formal - Crimsix - Karma

FaZe Clan | ZooMa - Enable - Huke - Slasher

Denial eSports | Clayster - Replays - JKap - Attach

TCM Gaming | Shane - Jurd - Moose - MadCat

Rise Nation | Neslo - Chino - Theory - Whea7s

Team eLevate | Classic - Slacked - Temp - Teej

Team EnVy | Proofy - Teepee - Loony - Saints

Team Kaliber | Parasite - Nameless - Sharp - Goonjar

Prize Pool

Each of the 8 invited teams will walk away with at least a small percentage of the prize pool on offer - qualification was a grueling challenge, which will give certainty for financial returns to those rosters that overcame them. The $75,000 pool on offer is broken down as follows.

1st. $30,000

2nd. $15,000

3rd. $10,000

4th. $6,000

5/6th. $4,000

7/8th. $3,000

Additionally, teams will earn Pro Points dependant on their placement.

1st. 25,000

2nd. 15,000

3rd. 11,000

4th. 9,000

5/6th. 8,000

7/8th. 7,000

The top 3 placing teams will also take home X Games medals. The previous champions, OpTic Gaming, will certainly be looking to capitalise on their recent success and become the first ever two-time X Games champions in Call of Duty history.

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Event Schedule

The actual tournament is schedule to begin on June 5th at 9.45 AM Central Time (10.45AM Eastern Time). Courtesy of Major League Gaming, the current information on planned scheduling of match times throughout the entirety of the weekend is available below.

Friday, June 5th (all times are in CDT): 

  • 9:45 AM Pregame Show
  • 10:00 AM Winners Round 1 – Team eLevate vs. TCM Gaming
  • 11:30 AM Winners Round 1 – Denial eSports vs. Rise Nation
  • 1:00 PM Winners Round 1 – FaZe vs. Team EnVyUs
  • 2:30 PM Winners Round 1 – OpTic Gaming vs. Team Kaliber
  • 4:00 PM Winners Round 2 – Match 1
  • 5:30 PM Winners Round 2 – Match 2

Saturday, June 6th (all times are in CDT): 

  • 10:00 AM Pro vs. Pro Exhibition
  • 11:00 AM Losers Round 1 – Match 1
  • 12:30 PM Losers Round 1 – Match 2
  • 2:00 PM Losers Round 2 – Match 1
  • 3:30 PM Losers Round 2 – Match 2
  • 5:00 PM Winners Final
  • 6:30 PM Losers Round 3

Sunday, June 7th (all times are in CDT): 

  • 10:45 AM Pregame Show
  • 11:00 AM Bronze Medal Match – Losers Final
  • 12:30 PM Gold Medal Match – Championship Match

No doubt avid watchers will be thankful for the later start and relatively sparse schedule on Championship Sunday - the vast majority of action takes place throughout Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th. Only the top 3 placing teams will even manage to temper themselves and survive through to the final day, so expect intense action throughout the entirety of the event as squads push to make an impact at this prestigious tournament.

More information, including ticket purchases for last minute attendees and the full list of map sets to be played in each round is available now on MLG's website.

You'll be able to catch all of the action this weekend via MLG's stream here.

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