MLG X Games Day 3 Recap

It all comes down to this for 3 teams. OpTic Gaming, FaZe and Elevate have battled it out to secure themselves an X Games medal. But which team won Gold, Silver and Bronze, Let's take a look...


Bronze Medal Match: FaZe (2) 4 - 0 Team Elevate (4)

 It was all on the line for FaZe and Elevate. An opportunity to face the best team on AW for an X Games Gold Medal. Starting off the series, FaZe looked settled as they took the game 205-173 thanks to Huke dropping a 40 bomb with 11 captures. Biolab Uplink was next and after some back and forth exchanges in the early game, FaZe took control and emerged victorious with a 7-5 win, Huke once again proving he is a top talent. Drift S&D saw Slasher drop 11 kills for the Red Militia as they took the game 6-3 and a 2-0 lead in the series. Ascend CTF for game 4 and Elevate really needed to win this one to stay alive in the series. But FaZe were just too good and took the game 3-2 and the series 4-0. FaZe moved on to face OpTic Gaming for the Gold Medal. Elevate had a great tournament, picking up the Bronze Medal.



Gold Medal Match: OpTic Gaming (1) 4 - 0 FaZe (2)

It all came down to this for the top 2 seeds of the MLG Pro League. Could FaZe produce one of the shocks of the AW season or could the Green Wall cement their legacy in CoD eSports... Detroit HP went in favour of the Green Wall with a score of 250-209. Formal dropped a 40 bomb and Crimsix secured 10 captures to secure the win. Biolab Uplink saw another dominant performance from OpTic taking it 8-2, putting them 2-0 up in the series. It was looking bleak for the Red Militia. Solar S&D could have been the difference maker for FaZe but it was not to be as OpTic Gaming continued their domination with a convincing 6-4 win. Retreat CTF however, was a closer contest with FaZe looking to mount a comeback in the final minute of the second half. But a quick flag capture from OG sealed the deal and the Gold Medal with a 2-1 victory and a 4-0 sweep.


Scump is the first player to win 2 X Games Gold Medals, Karma now has 2 Championship rings and a Gold Medal and Crimsix extends his championship victories to 21. Congratulations to OpTic Gaming!

Images courtesy of @CodEsportspedia

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