MLG X Games Day 1 Recap

The top 8 teams from the second season of the MLG Pro League have descended on Austin, Texas for the second Call of Duty tournament to be held at the event. OpTic Gaming, Denial, EnVyUs, FaZe, TCM Gaming, Rise Nation, Team Kaliber and Team Elevate are battling it out for a chance to win that all-important gold medal as well as a hefty prize pool of $75,000 and 25,000 Pro Points for the winning team. With day one complete, let's recap on all of today's action.

Team Elevate (4) 4 - 0 TCM Gaming (5)

The first game of the tournament was in all honesty, a complete whitewash from the Elevate squad. Solar HP went in favour to Elevate with a score of 200-187 in what was a farily close encounter. Game 2 was Comeback Uplink and the Americans asserted their authority over the TCMPire, dominating them with a score of 15-6. The third game in the series was Detroit S&D. This was widely expected to be a close afair between the 4th and 5th seeds but it wasn't to be. Elevate sewpt TCM 6-0 to hold a commanding 3-0 lead in the best of 7 series. Game 4 was Capture the Flag on Biolab and after the first half, things were certainly in favour of TCM managing to establish a 3-0 lead in the first half. The second half was a different story as Elevate rallied back into the game and took the game 4-3 and the series 4-0.

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Denial eSports (3) 4 - 0 Rise Nation (6)

Denial answering the questions of some critics by sweeping aside Rise Nation. Solar HP saw both Clayster and Attach dropping 40 bombs in what was an incredibly close first game. Attach managed to make a huge play in the dying seconds with a 7 killstreak to secure a 215-193 victory to the WolfPack. Comeback Uplink next up. Clayster showing why he was the MVP from CoD Champs achieving a 17 kills in just 3 minutes 47 seconds. Denial closed out the first half in 3.47 10-2 but it wasn't over yet. Rise score a quick 7 points to close the gap to 3 points. Eventually Denial took the win 13-11. Detroit S&D was a convincing 6-3 win to Denial but a poor performance from Chino (2-8 may have cost Rise to steal a map from the World Champs. CTF Biolab saw Denial continue the momentum, leading 3-0 going into the second half. Rise managed to tie up the game with just 4 seconds remaining to force an Overtime. Denial managed to capture the flag in just 45 seconds to win the game 4-3 and achieve a 4-0 victory.

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Team EnVyUs (7) 1 - 4 FaZe (2)

This matchup certainly had potential to go further than a 4-0 sweep and indeed it delivered. Solar HP saw TeePee score several 3-pieces to keep control of the Hardpoint for EnVy. Loony and Sainits also performed well dropping two 40 bombs to secure the first map 207-187 for the boys in blue. Comeback Uplink saw FaZe coming in hot scoring 10 in 4 minutes and 50 seconds. Zooma scoring 60% of the points for the red militia. Over on EnVy, Loony started strong, going double positive in the first half at 22-11.The second half saw EnVyUs mount a relay of scores but it wasn't enough to stop FaZe from walking away victorious 12-9. Detroit S&D saw the highlight of the game with Loony scoring a spectacular 1v2 clutch with a great snipe while boosting over the Atlas wall. Unfortunately, EnVy couldn't stop the momentum with FaZe taking the map 6-3. Biolab CTF saw EnVy hold a slender 1-0 lead heading into the second half with Saints putting a halt to an onslaught of FaZe players to maintain the lead. The second half was a different story however, Zooma once again doing the objective work, scoring 2 out of the 3 captures for FaZe, giving them a 3-1 win. Retreat HP for game 5 saw another solid game for Loony but EnVy couldn't beat the rotations of FaZe to start coming back from the deficit. FaZe took the game 204-161 to win 4 successive maps and to advance in the Winners Bracket 4-1.

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OpTic Gaming (1) 4  - 1 Team Kaliber (8)

In the final game of the first round, the Green Wall took on Team Kaliber in a pretty close series. On HP Solar Scump managed to drop 45 kills combined with 11 captures to help the Green Wall secure a 223-158 win over Team Kailber. However, tK did play well with all 4 players dropping above 30 kills. Comeback Uplink was where OG shut down tK. The positioning of all 4 players ebabled them to easily trade the kills needed to score the points. OpTic took game 2 in convincing fashion 13-7. Detroit S&D proved to be the game changer for Team Kaliber as they took a strong 4-1 lead. tK took the S&D 6-4 to stay alive in the series. Into Biolab CTF adn after the first half, OG held a slender 2-1 lead. But as we've seen so far, teams seem to rally in the second half and that is exactly what happened. 4 captures in the second half for the Green Wall saw them take a 3-1 lead in the series. OpTic is reknowned for their Retreat HP and asserted their dominance once again with a convincing 209-155 victory to close out the series 4-1.

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Winners Round 2: Denial eSports (3) 2  -  4 FaZe (2)

In the first of the Round 2 matches, there was a clash of the titans as Denial took on FaZe. Retreat HP went in favour of the Red Militia thanks to a great performance from Enable combined with quick and decisive rotations saw FaZe dominate the WolfPack 250-123. Onto Detroit Uplink saw another great display from Enable, coming together with Zooma to score 10 points against the World Champs to take the second game in a convincing manner. Terrace S&D went down to a round 11 after Denial staging a huge comeback from 4-1 down. In the end the WolfPack clutched up and got a map on the board. Could they carry the momentum? Game 4 on Ascend CTF was a dominating display from Denial as they carried the momentum winning the CTF 5-1 and equalising the series at 2 a piece. Heading into Detroit HP it was all to play for. Just 26 points separated these two teams after 10 minutes with FaZe securing the victory 230-206. Many people were favouring the WolfPack going into Biolab Uplink but FaZe managed to scrape the win 6-5, winning the series 4-2. FaZe are now guaranteed an X Games medal.

Winners Round 2: OpTic Gaming (1) 4  -  0 Team Elevate (4)  

With both of these teams achieving 4-0 sweeps earlier, this match could have been a close one. OpTic once again showed why Retreat HP is their strongest map, beating Elevate 250-80 thanks to some great slaying from the entire Green Wall. The Green Wall managed to continue the momentum heading into Detroit Uplink, taking the win 12-6 by locking down the drone and passing it into the base of the Red Rebellion. Terrace S&D was Elevate's chance to claw back the deficit and it was looking that way at 4-4 but the experience of OpTic took the final two rounds to secure a 6-4 victory. Ascend CTF was a walk in the park for OpTic, with Karma securing the first capture of the game in just 32 seconds. OG eventually took the match 4-1 and took the series 4-0 to guarantee themsleves an X Games medal.

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Images courtesy of @eSportsNation and @CodEsportsPedia

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