MLG Announce Details for World Finals

It has been public knowledge for a while that MLG have been planning a huge end-of-season tournament for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. In the past few hours the venue and an additional title for their 100th event has been announced via Twitter. After a hugely successful weekend at the X Games in Austin, TX, there will now be a DOTA 2 tournament in addition to the previously announced Call of Duty event. 

There will be a huge $250k prize pool up for grabs for both Call of Duty and DOTA 2 at the Earnst N. Morial Convention Centre in New Orleans, on October 16th - 18th.

It has already been a great year for both Call of Duty eSports and for competitive DOTA 2 and will be topped off with a spectacular international event.. Fans from all over the globe will be in attendance to watch the very best CoD and DOTA players battle it out for a share of $500k!


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