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With TCM Gaming's Tomas "Gunshy" Jones retiring after the Gfinity Call of Duty Spring Masters I this past weekend, there was heavy speculation on who would replace him on the roster to represent the organisation in the MLG Pro League and beyond. 

It was announced today that Dylan "MadCat" Daly is officially locked in as his replacement, and is set to join the squad at their team house based in the United States to compete.

Daly released the following statement on Twitter.

"I would like to announce my departure from the Epsilon organisation and my arrival to TCM. I will be competing in the MLG pro league for the rest of the season and beyond. Since CoD champs Epsilon couldn't find a suitable replacement for Tommey. We looked around and we couldn't find anything we would be satisfied with and after endless talks with the team and thinking what’s best for myself I took the offer to join TCM.I would like to thank Greg and Kurtis for everything they did for us I couldn't be more appreciative. Best of luck to Joshh, Tommey and Swanny on what they plan on doing in the future it was one hell of a time. Thanks to Jim, Craig and everyone at TCM for this opportunity and to the sponsors BenQ, Scuf, Dino PC, Online KeyStore, GT Omega."

TCM Gaming's official news post on the matter can be found here.

TCM Gaming Advanced Warfare

Shane - Moose - Jurd - MadCat


Gfinity is bringing Counter Strike: Global Offensive back to London with the Spring Masters II, taking place May 15-17th. More information and tickets are available now.

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