Legendary Updates Coming to AW Supply Drops

Sledgehammer have announced the official details of their new “Legendary” gear, set for release on June 9th, in addition to the discontinuation of specific “retired” items

This new Supply Drop update will hit just a week after the new Supremacy DLC becomes available for Xbox One players.

So what’s in these new updated drops?

If you thought elite was the best of the best, get ready for the Legendary goods! The new Legendary items will become available to Xbox One gamers first, and announced as “coming soon” for PlayStation and PC gamers. The first Legendary gear set will include the rare Sentinel Counter-Intelligence gear which is an eight piece set.

Unless you were the lucky player to be the first to grind your way to the title of Grand Master Prestige, you never got a chance to wear the Sentinel CI armor. Now is your chance to finally don this prestigious and “Legendary” armor.

You’ll easily recognize any of the Legendary pieces you receive by the purple rarity highlight shown in the armory. Like other gear, these items can be obtained in both regular Supply Drops and Advanced Supply Drops.

What will be removed from the Supply Drops?

In addition to the new Legendary gear rarity, some items will no longer be available thus achieving an increase in rarity. Gear and weapons that become listed as “Retired” will no longer be obtainable, so hold on to these weapons in your armory.

You can still use the Retired items if you have them stored in your armory, but once it’s gone it’s gone. So don’t redeem any Retired items you might miss in the future. The Retired items will also take effect on June 9th for Xbox One players with no date given for PlayStation or PC.

The first wave of Retired guns include: Atlas 45-A3, MP443 Grach-Latitude, and PDW-CQB weapons.

The first wave of Retired gear includes: Sentinel Mobile, Nigerian Infantry, KVA Mercenary

What do you think about the new updates? Are you ready to become Legendary?

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