Joshh Joins Vitality Storm

Back together.

We reported earlier today on the depature of Joshua "Joshh" Sheppard from his longtime home at Epsilon eSports. Now, we're able to shed a little more light on where he's planning on making his future home. Vitality Storm captain Tom "Tommey" Trewren posted a Tweet detailing the full Vitality Storm roster for the upcoming Gfinity Spring Masters I event this weekend, with Joshh being the missing component.

His statement is as follows.

Now that the weekend is over we can finally announce that @Vitality_Joshh will be joining the Vitality @StormEU roster. We’ll be playing alongside @Reedy_1905 and @MarkyBCoD at the Gfinity Masters this weekend.If you have any questions then reply with them to this tweet, I'll try to answer them in my next video!

The new Vitality Storm lineup is found below. They'll be performing together at their first event as a team, here at the Gfinity Spring Masters I against 15 rosters of the world's best Call of Duty talent. 

Tommey - Joshh - MarkyB - Reedy 


The best Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare teams from around the world are set to compete at the Gfinity Spring Masters I, May 8-10th. You can grab tickets to spectate the entire thing live, or read up on additional information here.

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