Gfinity Writers Best Loadouts In Black Ops 3

Since the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, the Gfinity bosses have asked us writers to put together an article about the best/most over-powered gun/loadout in the game.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, whichever way you want to look at it, we haven’t been able to do so, due to the game’s fantastic weapon balancing. Yes, originally the Vesper was O.P., but after a few efficient hot fixes by the Treyarch team, I personally feel that Black Ops 3 has the best weapon balancing ever seen in a Call of Duty game. 

So, to keep our jobs safe we’ve banded together and put forward our favourite individual loadouts that we fall back to when things aren’t going as we’d hoped. They may not be the best, but as many of you reading this will have noticed by now, there’s certain guns, attachments, perks etc that just works for you, and only you.

I’ll go first…

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Here’s my fall back loadout. I LOVE the Kuda. Personally, I feel like it’s the best all-round weapon in the game. The gun has little recoil and good range that isn’t hampered at all (as far as I can tell) when a suppressor is added.

As you can see, I’ve maxed out my Kuda with the Suppressor and Grip attachments, reducing the guns recoil to virtually non-existent, Stock, to give me a bit more agility when using the gun and Quickdraw, which helps massively on close quarter maps.

As for perks I’ve gone with Ghost, which when paired with the Suppressor and my second perk Cold Blooded, makes me pretty much invisible. You may be surprised therefore to see Awareness as my third perk. The reason I’ve opted for this is because I’d rather be able to hear my opponents instead of them not being able to hear me. (If that makes sense). 

Nemesiisss’ Loadout:

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Nemesiisss has gone for the Weevil, which he adores. I’ve never understood the fascination that some people have with the Weevil, but he swears by it, so I’d be interested to see him in action with his beloved Weevil.

He’s attached Grip and Quickdraw to his Weevil, providing him with less recoil and increased reaction time. The MR6 Pistol as a secondary intrigues me though. The Weevil by nature is a pretty close quarter’s type gun, especially with the added Quickdraw. Perhaps he uses it at long range and knows something we don’t?

He’s also opted for two Concussions and a Frag to give himself some protection before jumping into the action. His perks are Ghost, Fast Hands, so he can swap weapons quicker, and Blast Suppressor, a more conventional third perk when teamed up with Ghost. 

KrazySlayer187’s Loadout:

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KrazySlayer187’s weapon of choice is the M8A7, the daddy when it comes to a longer ranged approach. She’s equipped it with an ELO scope to give her added accuracy, Stock, to dodge incoming bullets, and High Calibre, giving her more Headshot damage. She’s also equipped herself with the MR6 to defend herself at close range along with a Frag and Concussion grenade.

She’s also rocking Ghost, an obvious favourite of the Gfinity writing team, Fast Hands, so she can quickly switch to her pistol if needs be, and Blast Suppressor to hide her from popping up on the map when she hops into her long range camping position. ;) 

MrJonno95’s Loadout:


MrJonno95 has opted for the VMP, possibly my second favourite weapon after the Kuda. He’s attached a Grip and Quickdraw, giving him less recoil and allowing him to raise his gun quicker in close quarters battles. Once again, the MR6 has been chosen as his Secondary (is there something someone’s not telling me?), to provide him with a few extra bullets to finish off the job if required. MrJonno95 makes it a clean sweep, choosing Ghost as his first Perk, alongside Fast Hands and Gung-Ho. He also opts for a Frag and two Concussion grenades to round off his loadout. 

What do you make of our loadouts? Is Nemesiisss crazy for using the Weevil or do we all need to give it a second chance? 

Let us know your favourite loadout in the comments below!

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