Gfinity EU Pro League Team Profile: Epsilon eSports

Helmed by the Premiership and Championship divisions, the European Pro League is closing in as the best teams in Europe battle it out, fuelled by aspirations of securing a slice of the £15,000 prize pool on offer. 

Not only will the victors walk away with the money, but also a coveted invitation to the Gfinity Call of Duty Summer Championship, which is scheduled to take place at the start of August with a staggering prize purse of $100,000.

There's a lot to play for over the course of the next few months in terms of European competition, and teams will certainly want to be at their best.

Epsilon eSports are one of the rosters to have locked in their invite to participate in the European Pro League, which opens at the Gfinity Arena in London on June 20-21st. Tickets are available to purchase right now for those interested. The current iteration of Epsilon is a newly formed team that will need to prove their worth over the next few months. Players discarded by their peers that left to pastures greener, this team has motivation and the talent required to propel Epsilon back to the top.

Epsilon eSports

MarkyB - Reedy - Joee - Rated

Epsilon as an organisation could be considered to be in their most precarious position for a good long while in the Call of Duty scene. They're used to absolute dominance, dogged only by occasional losses to their duopoly companion in TCM. Now, TCM is gone, their old roster is gone, and a plethora of new faces are wearing their jerseys. Can this new look Epsilon live up to expectations?

MarkyB at the Gfinity CoD Open.
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MarkyB at the Gfinity CoD Open.

Mark "MarkyB" Bryceland is clearly the most experienced face present for this squad to rally around. A stellar leader, Marky has earned his stripes competing under TCM Gaming for extended periods, before more recently finding himself alongside Frenchmen for a number of Advanced Warfare events. Now he's back on a British team, heading up a new Epsilon roster packed with young European talent and a drive to position himself back at the summit of Call of Duty.

If the fires are well and truly lit, we could well see MarkyB back at his best with this lineup.

Rhys "Rated" Price has recently seen his fair share of success, competing alongside current teammate MarkyB under Team Infused earlier this season. Himself and Epsilon buddy Joee previously represented Aware Gaming until rosters began to shuffle and they found themselves missing two teammates. This is an opportunity for retribution under one of Europe's finest names.

Jordan "Reedy" Reed has risen to prominence in Europe during the past 2 seasons, making a dent in premiere squads and proving his worth as an individual player. Marky and himself represented Vitality alongside one another before they were discarded by their former teammates. Despite his, he's clearly found his feet and a position within an organisation that can help him grow and flourish.

If Epsilon succeed in this Gfinity EU Pro League season, it will very much be indicative of how much he is able to fill the boots of his predecessors. 

Joseph "Joee" Pinnington is arguably the least experienced in this quartet; a player bursting with unhoned talent. He has certainly proven his worth during the Advanced Warfare season so far though, having been a part of the Aware Gaming team that shattered expectations at the Call of Duty Championships, eventually placing 9-12th at the event. They were the best placing European team that weekend.

These are players that can aid in his development and hone his mentality to make him a truly unrivalled European player.

The old Aware Gaming roster.
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The old Aware Gaming roster.

Recent Performance

This is a very recently formed team that certainly hasn't been around long enough to solidify themselves and compete alongside one another at LAN as of yet. The Gfinity EU Pro League opening weekend will likely be the first time that their mettle is truly tested against Europe's finest in an event setting. Whether they'll crumble and fall or be hardened into an entity worthy of Epsilon's reputation in Call of Duty is yet to be seen, but my money is on them proving themselves as a top 3 squad in Europe's new Advanced Warfare status quo.

Half of the squad comes from the previous Vitality.Storm roster (MarkyB and Reedy) that gave the eSports World Cup Epsilon lineup a run for their money, shocking most viewers with their potency as a unit. The other half comes from an impressive Aware Gaming that came from absolutely nowhere throughout the first half of the Advanced Warfare season to be considered a potential for Europe's finest Call of Duty team for a period. This is now their opportunity to become mainstay forces in the international spotlight, a chance to prove to everybody that their performance at the Call of Duty Championships were no mere fluke.

A huge advantage is certainly the departure of TCM Gaming from European contention. A number of the players that form this roster were on the cusp of contention for championship victories for a fair while now, but consistently unable to shake the duopoly of TCM Gaming and the old Epsilon lineup. Now TCM Gaming have left to the US, and Epsilon has split into 3 different teams. There's space for a new champion, and MarkyB and co will be hungry for that honour.

 Matches to Watch

Epsilon eSports vs Vitality Storm




from Epsilon were previously penned to be filling the ranks alongside




of Vitality Storm. One unsuccessful Gfinity campaign later following the Spring Masters, and they split in what seems to have been a less than amicable manner. Even better, 




 were previously wearing the same colours as the other two Vitality frontmen,




. Epsilon will be out for revenge, hoping to prove that they were the stronger half of the roster and that their previous comrades made the wrong choice in parting from them. This will be a match to remember.

Tommey and MarkyB, side by side.
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Tommey and MarkyB, side by side.

Epsilon eSports vs Team Infused

Infused and Epsilon will be an exciting prospect, to be sure. The doors of the European throne room are wide open since the recent changes, with British teams have traditionally being the ones in the best positions possible to claim victory in the region. Epsilon, Infused and Vitality are the three most established teams from the United Kingdom that are in a really good position to take this Pro League for their own and form a dynasty roster that could attempt to follow TCM in international acclaim. 


As a result, these matches will always be an incredibly intense and we can expect close maps that will likely go down to the wire each time they end up clashing.


Epsilon eSports

Mark "MarkyB" Bryceland

Rhys "Rated" Price

Jordan "Reedy" Reed

Joseph "Joee" Pinnington

The Gfinity European Pro League kicks off June 20-21st, with 8 of the finest teams from across the United Kingdom, France and Spain battling it out for a hefty prize pool and prestige within their region. More information, including ticket prices and sales are available here.

Prepare for a summer of intense Advanced Warfare action. Get your LAN on.

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