Gfinity EU Pro League Kick-Off Day Two Recap

To celebrate the launch of the EU Pro League for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, we decided to kick off the opening two fixtures at the Gfinity Arena in London.

All 8 teams were in action as they competed to secure some early points and take a step closer to becoming the Premiership Champions.

Miss any of the action? Scroll down for a full recap! 

VwS Gaming 5 - 1 Over Gaming

The first game of Day 2 of the EU Pro League begun with VwS taking Detroit HP 250-175 over Spanish qualifiers, Over Gaming. The Spaniards fought back in game 2 securing Solar S&D 6-5 to tie up the series. This was the turning point for the entire series as VwS took 4 straight victories to take the series 5-1 and secured their first 3 points of the league.

Team Infused 5 - 1 Gamers2

In another Anglo-Spanish encounter, Infused came out on the front foot with Melon dropping 39 kills to secure Detroit HP for the Red Army. Solar S&D saw Infused keep the momentum up with a dominant 6-1 win over the experienced Spanish line-up.

With Comeback Uplink next up, Infused reiterated why they're considered contenders for the top spot in the league by scoring 10 points in the first half, earning them a commanding 3-0 lead.

The Red Army took the next S&D to secure all 3 points and cement their position at the top of the table. Luckily for G2, they showed some signs of life by taking Biolab HP to keep their chances of reaching the top 4 alive.

Millenium 3 - 3 HyperGames

Dubbed the "French Civil War" our French competitors battled it out right from the outset. Biolab HP went in favour of Millenium by a solitary point, as they secured an early advantage in the series.

After 5 intensely close maps, the score was tied 2-2 and it was looking like Maxxie and co. were going to snatch the 3 points. In the dying seconds of Biolab Uplink, Millenium scored a last second throw to take the victory 8-7 and to secure a well deserved point.


Epsilon eSports 1 - 5 Team Vitality

This was a highly anticipated clash of two European titans of CoD eSports. Once again, a single point decided the opening Hardpoint with Vitality taking the advantage thanks to Peatie securing a huge 3-piece on the final hill.

Solar S&D saw Vitality take a convincing 6-2 victory and consequently, a 2-0 series lead.

Vitality kept the momentum rolling with a dominant 10-1 win on Biolab Uplink. Was there any way back for Epsilon?

Comeback Uplink was Epsilon's saving grace thanks to a great comeback (ironically), as they found a way back into the series, following a 12-9 win.

The next HP was a must-win for the Epsilon squad but unfortunately it wasn't to be, as Vitality secured a 214-182 victory to gain all 3 points.

The final S&D was another straight-forward 6-2 win, as Vitality closed out the series with a 5-1 victory.

That's it from the Launch of the EU Pro League. Join us next time for Week 3 of the EU Pro League LIVE on

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