EU Pro League: What You Need to Know for Week 3

The third week of Advanced Warfare European Pro League matches are positioned to take place a little later on this evening. Every team in both the Premiership and Championship division will be competing at their best, in order to attempt to disrupt the status quo that is slowly beginning to form in the League thus far, fighting for every map they can.

For an in-depth preview, including predictions on each of this week's Premiership matches as well as the current division standings, check out our article here.

The full list of maps and modes for the night are available below. Teams will play each of the 6 maps, with every recorded result updating their overall placement within the European Pro League.

Retreat - Hardpoint

BioLab - Hardpoint

Biolab - Uplink

Detroit - Uplink

Terrace - Search & Destroy

Solar - Search & Destroy

The featured match set to take place tonight on the English language stream is a battle of the Brits between Vitality Storm and VwS, with live casting of the entire spectacle provided courtesy of Gfinity's media player. Things are scheduled to get underway at 8PM BST, which equates to 3PM EDT for those over on the East Coast, and 12PM (midday) PDT. 

Vitality Storm | Tommey - Joshh - Watson - Peatie

VwS | Robz - Braaain - Nolson - Joocybrah

The entire thing will be professionally casted by both Chris Trout and INHK. Once again, viewers can tune in to Gfinity's stream at 8PM BST to catch the battle between Vitality Storm and VwS.

For those avid French Call of Duty fans, Millenium vs Team Infused will be streamed with French language commentary by JulienBRK over on Dexerto's channel at the same time as the English language stream (8PM BST).

Millenium | Gotaga - Krnage - AzoX - Mel0

Team Infused | LXT - MeLoN - QwiKeR - Urban

Spanish viewers can enjoy Epsilon eSports vs Gamers2 with localised Spanish casting simultaneously, hosted over on Dexerto's Spanish stream. zoLa and Axel will be presenting the entire series, starting at 8PM BST.

Epsilon eSports | MarkyB - Rated - Reedy - Joee

Gamers2 | Lgend - MethodZ - TojoR - Inven

Premiership Division

The additional match taking place in the Premiership tonight can be found below. All games will begin concurrently, starting at 8PM BST and featuring 6 maps of blistering Advanced Warfare action. Expect to see the same maps and modes featured as those listed above for the casted games.

HyperGames vs OverGaming

Championship Division

The European Pro League Championship Division will also be experiencing their weekly share of intensity tonight, with all 8 teams in the league competing with one another in hopes of inching ever closer to a position in the Premiership Division for Season 2. 

Teams like IGI eSports, Spirit Gaming and exceL Black will be looking to maintain their perfect win/loss ratios, while the remaining rosters will be aiming to knock them down a notch tonight.

Levity Black vs IGI eSports

Team Nightmare vs exceL Black

Spirit Gaming vs Liquid Gaming Italy

UX Gaming vs fabE Gaming

Be sure to use the official Twitter hashtag #EUProLeague in all discussion surrounding tonight's matches - we'd love to hear about your favourite plays, most exciting moments and which teams you're rooting for! Expect a weekly summary, including scores and details on every single Premiership Division match to be available tomorrow on

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