EU Pro League: Week 5 Results and Recap

Bronze changes hands again.

Week 5's matches for the Advanced Warfare European Pro League took place last night, with all rosters from both the Premiership and Championship division testing their mettle against one another in order to climb ever higher in the leaderboards, inching closer to an invitation to the $100,000 Gfinity Call of Duty Summer Championship. 

A preview for Week 5, complete with predictions and a full list of scheduled matches is available for those interested here. Maps and game types, alongside schedules and games that were streamed can be found in the Viewer Guide here

Premiership Division

Week 5 rebuilt the status quo that was shattered in week 4, as Team Infused climbed the ranks once again and an all-British top 3 became a reality.

Team Infused put on an impressive showing this week following their fall from grace in Week 4, managing to secure a 5-1 win over OverGaming to propel themselves back into the bronze seat. It certainly helped that HyperGames fell at the first hurdle of holding their podium finish, as they tyed against 7th placing squad VwS.

Vitality Storm and Epsilon eSports are once again seperated by a mere hair's breadth, following successful skirmishes on both fronts in their matches last night. Vitality Storm flawlessly defeated the Spanish Gamers2 roster, without losing a single map. Epsilon eSports followed suit, dispatching Millenium with little difficulty, only conceding a single map during their campaign towards triumph. Alas, this single map is worth something when only 2 enable the lead the Vitality Storm currently possesses. An intensely close finish for the two British powerhouses.

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The current Premiership Division standings are available below.

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HyperGames will have a fire lit underneath them once again - they'll be looking to capitalise on this and push forward next week.

Scores for each of Week 5's games can be found below.

Team Infused 5 - 1 OverGaming

Epsilon eSports 5 - 1 Millenium

HyperGames 3 - 3 VwS

Vitality Storm 6 - 0 Gamers2

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Championship Division

This week saw a face off between #1 and #2 in the standings over in the Championship Division, as Spirit Gaming and exceL Black battled it out to secure advantage over the entire league for themselves. Following an intense showdown between the two, Spirit Gaming emerged the victors with a 4-2 win. They're now the current heroes of the hour.

IGI eSports will certainly continue to make moves to redeem themselves and reclaim the throne, though, as this week's victory certainly shows.

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The current standings for the entire Championship Division are available below, as well as scores for each of last night's matches.

Team Nightmare 3 - 3 fabE Gaming

Spirit Gaming 4 - 2 exceL Black

IGI eSports 4 - 2 UX Gaming

Levity Black 1 - 5 Liquid Gaming

The Gfinity European Pro League will resume matches next Wednesday, with Week 6 taking place on July 23rd! Expect all the coverage you need on, commencing with a preivew to be released on Tuesday 7th July.

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