EU Pro League: Week 5 Preview

Rise of the French.

Week 5 matches for the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare European Pro League are rapidly approaching. 8 of the finest teams from this region are readying up to clash tomorrow evening (Wednesday, 15th July 2015) for their next skirmish this season. This week should have tensions running high for all rosters involved, following the notable shift in positions that took place the previous week. 

The French HyperGames outfit defeated Team Infused and climbed the ranking to third place, where they have currently taken up residence. This is the first time that the status quo within the Pro League has been significantly upset in any real way, and the squad will be riding high as a result. They'll be determined to maintain this bronze spot when facing off against VwS tomorrow, securing another win and additional safety.

Let's take a peek at the standings so far. More in-depth information, including details on the concurrently running Championship Division, can be found here.

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It feels like this is a statement that needs to be repeated in every EU Pro League Preview, but Vitality Storm and Epsilon eSports can barely attain a hair's breadth from one another. They have both performed exceptionally at every turn, losing only a single match apiece and maintaining joint first positions, with Vitality Storm holding a single map lead over their rivals.

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There are 4 games scheduled in the Premiership Division for Week 4, as always, each taking place concurrently tomorrow, Wednesday 8th. Let's discuss the matchups individually in more depth.

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Team Infused vs OverGaming

Team Infused should have a fire lit underneath them following last week's disappointing loss to HyperGames, which caused them to fall out of the top 3 completely. This is an opportunity for retribution, and by the looks of the current Pro League standings there is no better foe for them right now than last placing roster, OverGaming.

It would be a huge upset for Infused to fall even further in the tables this week - anything less than dominance would shock all viewers.

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Millenium vs Epsilon eSports

Epsilon eSports should be regarded as the favourites in every match they walk into right now, barring possibly one against their archrivals, Vitality Storm. A face off with Gotaga's French superstars in Team Millenium is no different; we can expect Epsilon to battle through any tight situations and come out on top.

Despite that, it may be somewhat more evenly matched than the majority will be expecting. It's almost certain that the French monster and his companions will be able secure a map or two at least. This should be an exciting game on the whole for spectators, packed with the potential for brilliant playmaking at any moment from both sides.

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HyperGames vs VwS

HyperGames will definitely be looking to capitalise their new-found position as one of the teams at the pinnacle of the Advanced Warfare European Pro League. VwS is a fitting opponent for them in their eyes - one they can unleash their full potential against and solidify the spot as a medalist squad. This match will almost certainly end up with a victory for the French.

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Vitality Storm vs Gamers2

Vitality Storm are still the #1 lineup in the entirety of the Pro League, boasting an impressive 4-1 win record with only 7 maps having been taken from them thus far. As a result, they're definitely the favourites without a doubt in any game they stroll into. Gamers2 have perpetually been a mid-tier organisation so far, able to put up a solid fight against all opposition but unable to secure victories to launch them closer to the podium.

A tie would be amazing for the Spanish, but I don't see it happening. This is all Vitality. 

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You can view the full list of upcoming fixtures, including weeks following Week 5 here.

Championship Division

The current Championship Division league table can be found below. 

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IGI eSports have shown vulnerabilities, and it has cost them their pole position as a direct result. The roster that once stood alone at the top of the entire Championship Division has fallen, and the likes of Spirit Gaming and exceL Black have swarmed the rankings to replace them. 

IGI eSports, exceL Gaming and Spirit Gaming will be the three teams to watch this week, as each will be playing at their very best to try and reach the peak of this tumultous Championship Division contest.

Now, we have a real contest on for top 3.  

Week 5's European Pro League fixtures should be exciting, and there's certain to be a solid number of surprises and upsets throughout the evening. Everything you need to know will be compiled into an article and published tomorrow on, including match times, stream links for each game in various languages and more!

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