EU Pro League Season 2: Week 3 Preview

The home stretch.

The third week of games for the second season of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare European Pro League are rapidly approaching. 8 of the finest European forces are poised to clash this evening (Wednesday, 26th August 2015) for their penultimate fixtures of the season.

Due to a number of professional commitments, last week only featured 3 matches, as several fixtures were postponed. However, despite the delays, there was still plenty of Pro League action to go around, with two huge fixtures occurring, Team Vitality vs VwS and Team Infused vs Epsilon.EU.

In both cases, the home team walked away with a victory, as Vitality and Infused secured equal 4:2 score lines over their opponents. Millenium also secured three points, as they overcame Spirit Gaming 5:1, while RiftHQ and exceL Black maintained their prime positions in the Championship Division

Let's take a quick peek at the standings as of right now. Each of the 8 teams in the Premiership and Championship Divisions are listed. More information regarding the groups is available here.

Further information, including maps and modes for each of the showdows is available directly below.

Maps and Modes

The full list of maps and modes for the night are available below. Teams will play each of the 6 maps, with every recorded result updating their overall placement within the European Pro League.

Wednesday 26th August

Retreat - Hardpoint

Detroit - Hardpoint

Parliament - Uplink

Detroit - Uplink

Biolab - Search & Destroy

Riot - Search & Destroy


Tuesday 25th August

Spirit Gaming vs Millenium

IGI eSports vs HyperGames

Wednesday 26th August

IGI eSports vs Epsilon eSports

Millenium vs VwS

HyperGames vs Team Vitality

Team Infused vs Spirit Gaming

Fixtures for the Championship Division, as well as further information on future weeks can be found in Gfinity's Advanced Warfare EU Pro League hub, here. Things are scheduled to get underway at 8PM BST, which equates to 3PM EDT for those over on the East Coast, and 12PM (midday) PDT. 

Featured games will be streamed on both evenings via Gfinity's media player


With the final week of fixtures before the Season 2 finale at the Gfinity Arena, all focus will be aimed towards Infused, Millenium, Vitality and VwS. Will they be able to maintain their positions in the top half of the league? Or will we see a late revival from the likes of Epsilon?

Millenium vs VwS is undoubtedly the most influential fixture of the week, as the two organisations clash in what could be the deciding matchup in the battle for a podium placement.

Team Vitality and Infused will be looking to take advantage of this situation, as they face an easier battle on paper. However, as the league has shown us time and time again, anything is possible and therefore you should never underestimate your opponents.  

It’s all to play for!

Stream information will be available tomorrow in advance of Week 3's matches on

Call of Duty returns to the Gfinity Arena with the conclusion of the European Pro League. Watch 16 of the Europe’s best competitive Call of Duty team’s battle for £15,000 this weekend, August 29-30th.

More information and tickets for the Call of Duty Pro League Season 2 Finals can be found here.

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