EU Pro League Season 2: Week 2 Preview

Match made in heaven.

The second week week of games for the second season of the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare European Pro League are rapidly approaching. 8 of the finest European forces are poised to clash this evening (Wednesday, 19th August 2015) for their inaugural skirmish of the season. This week should have tensions running high for all rosters involved, following the notable shift in positions that took place the previous week. 

Last week saw Team Infused and VwS reign supreme in the Premiership, while RiftHQ and exceL Black positioned themselves in the prime spots in the Championship Division. In both cases, rosters that were considered near the top but not necessarily front runners for overall victory excelled, further incentivising other rosters in the League to perform at their best. This is certainly anyone's game.

Let's take a quick peek at the standings as of right now. Each of the 8 teams in the Premiership and Championship Divisions are listed. More information regarding the groups is available here.

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Further information, including maps and modes for each of the showdows is available directly below.

Maps and Modes

The full list of maps and modes for the night are available below. Teams will play each of the 6 maps, with every recorded result updating their overall placement within the European Pro League.

Wednesday 19th August

Retreat - Hardpoint

BioLab - Hardpoint

Biolab - Uplink

Detroit - Uplink

Solar - Search & Destroy

Recovery - Search & Destroy


Wednesday 19th August

Vitality Storm vs VwS Gaming

Team Infused vs Epsilon eSports

Tuesday 25th August

Spirit Gaming vs Millenium

IGI eSports vs HyperGames

Fixtures for the Championship Division, as well as further information on future weeks can be found in Gfinity's Advanced Warfare EU Pro League hub, here. Things are scheduled to get underway at 8PM BST, which equates to 3PM EDT for those over on the East Coast, and 12PM (midday) PDT. 

The matches between Spirit Gaming and Millenium, as well as IGI eSports vs HyperGames have been delayed until Tuesday of next week, primarily due to availability issues between the teams and player involved.

Featured games will be streamed on both evenings via Gfinity's media player


 Vitality Storm vs VwS and Team Infused vs Epsilon are two matches that would have been easy to call ofr the majority a mere few weeks ago - the duopoly of Vitality and Epsilon at the pinnacle of European Call of Duty has stood throughout the entirety of the last EU Pro League Season, after all. Now though, the situation isn't so set in stone.

Both Infused and VwS have performed exceptionally well during their breakout week, flawlessly defeating their respective opposition and earning #1 and #2 on the leaderboards as a result. This will be their real first test, battling it out with vastly more established opposition that seem to be in a weaker spot than they have for a long time.

Each of the games are must watch, to be sure.

Expect stream information to be available tomorrow in advance of Week 2's matches on

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