EU Pro League Season 2: Week 1 Results and Recap

The battle begins.

The opening barrages for the Advanced Warfare European Pro League took place last night, with all rosters from both the Premiership and Championship division testing their mettle against one another in order to propel themselves into a solid position in the initial weekly standings. 

A preview for Week 1, complete with predictions and a full list of scheduled matches is available for those interested here.

Premiership Division

It was certainly an exciting double bill of games, with the majority of returning contenders sporting new look rosters and renewed aspirations of claiming the #1 spot for themselves now that each squad was once again on equal ground. With two days of back to back Advanced Warfare action, there simply wasn't room for error in order to make the best possible impact early on.

The two teams that emerged triumphant, managing to win both of their showdowns in a convincing fashion were Team Infused and VwS. It will no doubt be shocking to some to see that neither Epsilon eSports nor Vitality Storm (the two outfits that held the top 2 spots throughout the first season of the EU Pro League flawlessly) were able to make it through the first week of Season 2 unscathed. VwS knocked Epsilon down a peg, notably, with a tight 4-2 victory over them on Tuesday.

The current Premiership Division standings are available below.

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+ 2

New entry IGI eSports struggled to produce the goods, losing each game in a shutout, while Epsilon eSports notable were unable to secure a single win, instead settling for a draw and a loss to close off their first week.

Scores for each of Week 1's games can be found below.

Epsilon eSports 2 - 4 VwS

Team Infused 6 - 0 IGI eSports

HyperGames 6 - 0 Millenium

Vitality Storm 2 - 4 Spirit Gaming

Epsilon eSports 3 - 3 Millenium

Team Infused 4 - 2 HyperGames

VwS 4 - 2 Spirit Gaming

Vitality Storm 6 - 0 IGI eSports

Championship Division

The two teams to put on an excellent initial showing over in the Championship Division so far are newcomer RiftHQ and returning face exceL Black. In an especially impressive display, RiftHQ managed to close out both of their fixtures without dropping a single map - at this point they're definitely the squad to watch as a potential migrant to the Premiership Division in the future.

The current standings for the entire Championship Division are available below, as well as scores for each of this week's matches.

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+ 2

Gamers2 3 - 3 exceL Black

OverGaming 6 - 0 Liquid Gaming

RiftHQ 6 - 0 TCM Pickup

UX Gaming 3 - 3 Levity Black 

UX Gaming 1 - 5 exceL Black

Levity Black 6 - 0 Liquid Gaming

RiftHQ 6 - 0 OverGaming

Gamers2 3 - 3 TCM Pickup

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