Enigma 6 Splits

Enigma 6 were another one of the truly exciting surprises to emerge from the Advanced Warfare season thus far. First making themselves known as UMG California in May, the relatively unknown young quartet steamrolled through prestigious teams such as Team EnVy and OpTic Nation to secure an astonishing third place finish at the event.

It was announced late last night by members of the team that they were to be heading their seperate ways, effective immediately. This no doubt comes as a shock to some due to the upcoming MLG Season 3 Relegation Tournament providing ample opportunty for these four players to secure a place in the limelight together.

Kelsey "ExiB" Newsome announced his departure on Twitter.

"Would like to announce that I am leaving @Enigma6Group . I appreciate the opportunity they have given me, but it is time to move on."

Michael "MRuiz" Ruiz also publicised the fact that he was leaving via Twitter.

"I'd like to thank @Enigma6Group for everything they've done for us, but I am also leaving. Good luck to them."

Kade "Kade" Jones said the following on Twitter.

"i just wanted to thank @Enigma6Group for everything they did for us but e6 is not the same with mike and kelsey and ive decided to leave."

This leaves Jordan "General" Holloway as the last remaining member of the Enigma 6 lineup. We'll no doubt hear more about where Kade, MRuiz and ExiB are heading to over the next few days.

Enigma 6

Jordan "General" Holloway

Photo courtesy of Enigma 6 Group

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