CWL London - Pool C Preview

With CWL London just around the corner, sixteen of the best Call of Duty teams in the world will descend on the Copper Box Arena to do battle for a share of $325,000 and to become CWL London champion. In this article, we will be attempting to predict the outcome of Pool C.



Since their second-place finish at CWL Las Vegas at the beginning of the season, it will be a very different eUnited team heading to the Copper Box Arena. Replacing Jkap with relative newcomer Simp could well have backfired for the North American team. The move looks to have paid off so far, with Simp adding some additional firepower to a team that wasn’t lacking in any in the first place.

With plenty of new look teams in their pool, eUnited is in a prime position to take the top spot thanks to their team chemistry. They could encounter some close contests against FaZe and Team Envy but I think they have what it takes to take the first seed.

Player to watch: AbeZy


FaZe Clan

After missing out on qualifying for the CWL Pro League at the Pro League Qualifier, FaZe Clan are back with an all-new roster consisting of some UK powerhouse talent and some up and coming North American stars which have a huge skill ceiling. Ex Red Reserve players, Skrapz and Zer0, join the red militia alongside long-time member Zooma while Celium and Asim round out the roster. 

On paper, this roster is stacked with talent. With a near perfect balance of passive Assault Rifle play, aggressive sum-machine presence and solid flex players, FaZe have all the makings of a team which could deal some serious damage in London.

Player to watch: Celium



At the beginning of the season, the defending world champions, with the addition of young star Huke, looked to be contending at the top. A top twelve finish at CWL Fort Worth was the final straw and saw Apathy and Assault replaced with Decemate and former 100 Thieves player Fero.

Switching Apathy for Decemate at this stage of the game looks to be the right move. Decemate impressed during his time under G2 Esports, dropping consistently high damage numbers. Whether this team will be able to compete with the likes of eUnited and FaZe in this pool is another matter though.

Player to watch: Silly


Evil Geniuses

With heavy speculation that Attach may return to FaZe, EG have done well to hang on to the 2015 world champion for CWL London. Apathy rejoins EG from Envy along with FeLo, Xotic and North American veteran Goonjar.

Gaining Apathy is a great boost for this team. Adding him in with Felo and Attach as the more aggressive players should fit in well with Xotic and Goonjar providing the AR support. Xotic in particular has had a very strong start to the Black Ops 4 season, frequently appearing towards the top of most statistic charts.

Player to watch: Goonjar



1st: eUnited 2nd: FaZe Clan 3rd: Team Envy 4th: Evil Geniuses

In my opinion, I don’t see anyone other than eUnited taking the top spot in Pool C. Perhaps FaZe give them a close series but I think the team stand united and hold on to the first seed. The real battle is for third place. If Evil Geniuses play to their potential then third place is well within their reach, especially if Envy start slow. 

Where do you think these teams will place? Let us know on Twitter!

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Written ByJon Nicholson@MrJonno_95

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