CWL European Qualifiers: Predictions

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The Call of Duty World League qualifiers kick-off this weekend, as the best teams across the entire globe compete for their place in the CWL Pro Divison.

In Europe, 8 of the most talented Call of Duty teams will descend upon Cologne, however, only 4 teams will successfully earn their place in the CWL.


Who will make the cut? Here are my predictions:

Group A

Epsilon eSports:  Rated | Watson | Moose | Joee

Giants Gaming:  Tojor | Pelukaa | Eupho | Jaayz

Team Infused:  MarkyB | Urban | Peatie | Zer0

Team Vitality:  Broken | Rskn | Gotaga | Wailers

After finishing second at Am2Pro this past weekend, Infused are looking very strong on Black Ops 3. Therefore, I can certainly see them taking the top spot in the group and consider them as the favourites to progress from Group A.


Despite a talented roster, it will be an uphill challenge for Giants to make it out of the group and while Team Vitality have proven they are capable of performing well on Black Ops 3, earning a solid top six finish last weekend, they did seem to struggle against top opposition.  

Although Epsilon did not attend A2P and are the unknown entity of the group, their online practice has been going well and as a result, I believe the EpsiWorld will secured the second qualification spot.

Game 1: Team Infused 3 – 1 Team Vitality

Game 2: Epsilon eSports 3 – 0 Giants Gaming

WB Final: Team Infused 3 – 2 Epsilon eSports

LB Final: Giants Gaming 0 – 3 Team Vitality

Tiebreak: Epsilon eSports 3 – 1 Team Vitality


Team Infused and Epsilon eSports qualify.

Group B

FAB Games:  Quicky | GunElite | Barca | Kivi

Millenium:  Swanny | Madcat | Tommey | Jurd

Team Orbit:  Shane | SunnyB | Vortex | Desire

Joshh’s Team:  Dominate | Reedy | Josh | Bance

An all-star Millenium roster took the A2P title last weekend and reiterated why they are currently at the top of European Call of Duty. Tommey & co. are looking dominant on Black Ops 3 and they will undoubtedly aim to continue their run of form by topping Group B.


The FAB Games roster has some of the best talent from continental Europe in the form of GunElite & Kivi, who have competed at the World Championships in previous titles. They could be the dark horses of the group.

Having already made some roster changes, Team Orbit consists of a good combination of experience and youth. Along with FAB and Joshh’s Team, second place could go to either one of these teams.

Game 1: Millenium 3 – 1 Joshh’s Team

Game 2: FAB Games 2 – 3 Team Orbit

WB Final: Millenium 3 – 0 Team Orbit

LB Final: FAB Games 2 – 3 Joshh’s Team

Tiebreak: Team Orbit 1 – 3 Joshh’s Team


Millenium and Joshh’s Team qualify. 

What do you think of our predictions? Who do you think will qualify? Let us know in the comments below.

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