CWL Dallas - Group D Predictions

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CWL Dallas - Group D Predictions

This weekend, over 170 of the world’s best Call of Duty teams will descend upon the Fort Worth Convention Centre in Dallas. The international event will feature a $200,000 prize pool, as well as a huge amount of Pro Points, which are set to play a significant role in who qualifies for the Global Pro League.


The vast majority of attending teams MLG Dallas will be fighting their way through the open bracket, however, sixteen professional teams have automatically qualified for the group stages of the event. In this article, we'll be looking at the final pool, Group D.

Rise Nation

Faccento | Loony | Felo | Aqua

Despite their championship victory at MLG Vegas last year, Rise Nation have failed to find another victory on Infinite Warfare. After being regarded as one of the main contenders to secure a championship, Rise concluded CWL Atlanta with a top twelve finish, which surprised the entire community.

Currently, Rise Nation are fourth in the Pro Point standings and as a result, a strong showing from the team at this event should guarantee them a spot in the Global Pro League. 

Player to Watch: Faccento

Faccento at MLG Vegas 2016. Image courtesy of MLG.
Faccento at MLG Vegas 2016. Image courtesy of MLG.


Jurd | Madcat | Bance | Zer0

Rostermania saw long-time member Joshua “Joshh” Lee-Shephard move to Epsilon eSports, while Trei “Zer0” Morris joined into the team. On paper, Splyce have all the talent and experience needed to assert themselves on the international stage.

Will Zer0 will make the difference to the team? We’ll have to wait and see but a high placement is the goal for Splyce in Dallas.

Player to Watch: Bance

Enigma 6

General | Kade | Proto | MRuiz


After impressing at MLG Vegas, E6 have been one of the many breakout teams on Infinite Warfare. A victory in the latest 2K tournament has retained their position in pool play and more importantly, kept them ahead of Cloud 9 in the Pro Points standings. If E6 can pull off some upsets, like they did earlier in the year, then this team has a real chance of going far in the tournament.

Player to Watch: MRuiz

Pnda Gaming

FA5TBALLA | Profeezy | Pemby | Prophet

Like E6, Pnda have established themselves as a top team in 2017. The team burst onto the scene back at CWL Atlanta, taking OpTic Gaming all the way to a deciding game five. As a result, they were able to place within the top eights in Atlanta, securing their place in pools.

Their online performances have also been fairly consistent, allowing them to stay in the top ten teams in the Pro Points standings. Could another deep tournament run secure a Pro League spot for these players?

Player to Watch: Prophet



1st: Rise Nation 3-0

2nd: Pnda Gaming 2-1

3rd: Splyce 1-2

4th: Enigma 6 0-3

In my opinion this is arguably the strongest group of the event. All of these teams are more than capable of beating each other and ultimately, it will come down to who’s the better team on the day.

Personally, I believe Rise Nation should comfortably make it out of the group with the top spot. As for second place, Pnda will be looking to build upon their impressive showing back at Atlanta, so I think they'll be able to snatch it.


As for Splyce, if they are firing on all cylinders, they could easily top the group. However, if recent performances are anything to go by, I think they'll be heading into the Loser's Bracket earlier than expected, along with E6. 

Which teams do you think will start in the Championship Bracket? Let us know in the comments below.

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