CoD WWII - what we want to see

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What we want to see in Call of Duty: WWII

As the world prepares for the launch of the global reveal of Call of Duty: WWII, I have decided to compile a list of features that I believe the entire community is hoping to receive in Activision’s next instalment of its iconic first person shooter.  

League play



I believe this is the biggest outcry from competitive players.

The simple reasoning behind this is due to the fact that Call of Duty players love to compete and this is an easy way to fulfil their desires. As witnessed in Black Ops II, ‘League Play’ was an incredibly popular mode, and as a result, it would be great to see a similar system implemented in WWII, and if possible, improved on.

It’s pretty simple really. All we really want is a ranked playlist that provides players with a ranking system based on skill, allowing users to improve and learn the game at a level that is tailored to all aspects, such as, skill, teamwork, objectives and most importantly, winning.

By differentiating solo and team ranks, League Play does not only allow players to work on their individual skill and ranks, but it also provides them with a platform to team up with friends or teammates in order to grind out a collaborative rank, which of course leads to bragging rights. More importantly, League Play also introduces new players to the competitive scene, without punishing them for being new to the world of competitive Call of Duty.

In addition to this, players also crave a universal game mode and rule set that reflects the highest level of competitive play, such as the Call of Duty World League. Once the general gamer understands the system, they will naturally find themselves drawn to climbing the rankings, as well as watching the best players, increasing the overall viewership throughout the year. 

Theatre mode


Okay, so admittedly, while every user doesn’t necessarily record their own gameplay, or record other peoples, Theatre Mode has always been a fantastic addition to Call of Duty and it’s been greatly missed when it hasn’t been included.

From professional CoD players using the feature to better develop their team tactics, to the casual player showing their friends an amazing clip, to all the incredible frag movies and montages, the level of content produced by the community is always significantly higher with the inclusion of Theatre Mode, and as a result, the feature deserves a place in every Call of Duty title. 

Weapon balance

This is always the hardest aspect to master in any Call of Duty title. While it may sound simple, realistically we all know that after a few hours of launching, we will see an entire lobby using the same weapon. Unfortunately, this problem is always exacerbated when it comes to high level gameplay and the pro’s themselves.

Single gun meta’s have existed before and I’m sure they will exist again, however the best we can hope for is a fine balance that allows each weapon to possess its own benefit, depending on the situation. Which, in turn, forces players to think very carefully about their choice of weapon, class and positioning.

I have full faith that this will happen with Call of Duty: WWII and technically, this is probably the most realistic expectation on the entire list, as it’s a natural progression for the game. However, I’m praying we don’t see another MP40 Jug situation. 

Classic map designs 


It has been almost two and a half years since we gained the ability to fly and run on walls in Call of Duty. This means, that for the first time in four titles, the map design will finally go back to its traditional style.

With the removal of wall runs, ledges and those sneaky hidey holes that you can boost or thrust jump into, we may expect to see stairs, or dare I say it, the welcomed returned of the old-fashioned ladder. On that note, if you place a bouncing betty at the top of a ladder, you should be ashamed of yourself… You know who you are.

Admittedly, chest high cover and chokepoints that can’t be easily avoided via the previous movement mechanics will take some time to get used to again/ However, I’m sure that we will see a resurgence of players slowing down their gameplay and staking their claim to highly defendable parts of the map. Also known as camping. 

Back to basic mechanics

While the thrust jumping and fluid movement systems were a welcome and refreshing change to the series, that is no longer the case. With the return to World War 2 as the main setting, even though I’m no history buff, I’m pretty sure we won’t see any jetpack soldiers on the battlefield.

Bearing in mind that Sledgehammer were the first to kick-off the new movement system, it’s only fitting they bring back boots on the ground. While Call of Duty found its fame with a fast paced, boots on the ground player experience, the only question that remains to be seen is what mechanics Sledgehammer do choose to use.

Will we see the return of the dolphin diving for instance (please god yes) that was only seen in Black Ops I? Will we still have any sliding abilities? I for one wouldn’t mind seeing some advanced and fluid mechanics introduced to the series, as we aren’t going to be flying off walls anytime soon.



Three to five Capture points on a map and a central point to begin with, this momentum based game mode has been begging for a permanent return within the franchise.

Everyone remembers the feeling of hitting the 3x capture speed and rushing to the capture point to try and claim an advantage, throwing everything you had to buy yourself a few seconds of time to further the cause.


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