CDL 2020: Skrapz London Royal Ravens Player Profile For Call of Duty League 2020

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Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall is an AR Slayer for London Royal Ravens. The 22-year-old English player will feature as part of the London franchise in the Call of Duty League (CDL) 2020 Season.

Skrapz is best known for his colourful personality and one-half of the Marshall twins; his brother being Wuskin -  both being reunited since parting ways from the UNILAD lineup in early 2018.


Skrapz made a name for himself at the age of 19 during the Black Ops 3 season - since then Skrapz has gone on to cement his name as a Call of Duty Esports great, collecting over $150,000 in prize winnings.

Here's Skrapz's player profile for the CDL 2020 season.

CDL 2020 Season

For the debut season of the Call of Duty League, Skrapz will be a part of the London Royal Ravens - the team consists of:

  • Jordan "Jurd" Crowley
  • Rhys "Rated" Price
  • Dylan "Dylan" Henderson
  • Bradley "Wuskin" Marshall
  • Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall

With the CDL 2020 season yet to start, no offline tournaments have taken place yet. However, Skrapz has teamed up with Scump, FormaL, Dashy and Priestahh for the Subliners New York Open in November 2019; an online PS4 single-elimination tournament. The team placed top 4, collecting $1,250 after losing to yesssssirrr (MajorManiak, Simp, Envoy, Gunless and Karma).



Major Achievements

The following achievements feature all offline tournaments only.

Prize pool represents the total amount the team earned.

Game Event Date Place Prize Team
BO4Call of Duty World League Championship 201918-08-201913th-16th$25,000FaZe Clan
BO4CWL Pro League 2019 Playoffs21-07-20193rd$200,000FaZe Clan
BO4CWL Pro League 201905-07-20195th-6th$76,875FaZe Clan
BO4CWL Anaheim 201916-06-20194th$25,000FaZe Clan
BO4CWL London 201905-05-20199th-12th$0FaZe Clan
BO4WorldGaming Network Championship Series 2019 Grand Finals07-04-20191stC$25,000Yerr
BO4CWL Fort Worth 201917-03-20195th-6th$15,000Red Reserve
BO4CWL Las Vegas Open 201909-12-20189th-12th$0Red Reserve
WWIICall of Duty World League Championship 201819-08-20187th-8th$35,000Red Reserve
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 2 Playoffs29-07-20183rd$80,000Red Reserve
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 219-07-20181st-2nd$12,500Red Reserve
WWIICWL Anaheim Open 201817-06-20182nd$48,000Red Reserve
WWIICWL Seattle Open 201822-04-201813th-16th$0UNILAD Esports
WWIICWL Birmingham Open 201801-04-201813th-16th$0UNILAD Esports
WWIICWL Pro League 2018 Stage 122-03-20189th-10th$12,500UNILAD Esports
WWIICWL Atlanta Open 201811-03-201813th-16th$0UNILAD Esports
WWIICWL New Orleans Open 201814-01-201813th-16th$0UNILAD Esports
WWIICWL Dallas Open 201810-12-201713th-16th$0UNILAD Esports
IWCall of Duty World League Championship 201713-08-201713th-16th$15,000Fnatic
IWCWL Global Pro League 2017 Stage 2 Playoffs30-07-20175th-6th$ 20,000Fnatic
IWCWL Global Pro League 2017 Stage 223-07-20175th-8th$ 12,500Fnatic
IWCWL Sheffield Open 201725-06-20173rd$ 4,000Fnatic
IWCWL Anaheim Open 201718-06-201713th-16th$0Fnatic
IWCWL Global Pro League 2017 Stage 114-05-201713th-16th$12,500Fnatic
IWCWL Birmingham Open 201716-04-20173rd$8,000Fnatic
IWCWL Dallas Open 201719-03-201713th-16th$0Fnatic
IWCWL Paris Open 201719-02-20177th-8th$2,000Fnatic
IWCWL Atlanta Open 201712-02-201713th-16th$0Fnatic
IWCWL London Invitational 201729-01-20177th-8th$500Fnatic
BO3Call of Duty World League Championship 201604-09-201613th-16th$20,000Epsilon Esports
BO3Insomnia5828-08-20161st£1,500Epsilon Esports
BO3EU CWL Pro Division 2016 Stage 2 Playoffs17-07-20165th-6th$16,000Epsilon Esports
BO3Gfinity Summer Masters 201603-07-20165th-8th$500Epsilon Esports
BO3ESWC 201608-05-20169th-12th$0Epsilon Esports
BO3EGL Open London 201606-03-20165th-6th$1,250Rampage Tempo




Team History

  • London Royal Ravens - Jurd, Rated, Dylan, wuskin (September 2019 - Present)
  • FaZe Clan - ZooMaa, Cellium, Asim, Zer0 (April-September 2019)
  • Red Reserve - Joee, Rated, Zer0, Bance (May 2018 - April 2019)
  • UNILAD Esports - wuskin, Seany, Moose (November 2017 - May 2018)
  • Fnatic - Tommey, SunnyB, wuskin (January - September 2017)
  • Epsilon Esports - Moose, Reedy, Sunny B (April - September 2016)
  • Rampage Tempo - Momentus, RyanGray, TypicalNerd (March - April 2016)
  • Team Tempo - Momentus, RyanGray, TypicalNerd (Unknown - March 2016)


Skrapz's History

Black Ops 3

Skrapz really broke onto the scene for the first time during the Black Ops 3 season, as part of Team Tempo (soon to become Rampage Tempo).


Regarded as a major "online team", Skrapz, Momentus, RyanGray and TypicalNerd were performing well in the EU CWL Challenge Division tournaments.

The team proved everyone wrong, with Skrapz particularly shining, as they placed top 6 at the EGL London Open in 2016.

Things started to slow down as they failed to qualify for the CWL Stage 2; Skrapz was quickly picked up by Epsilon Esports afterwards.

Epsilon was touted to go on to do great things but found their only success at Insomnia58; which was a tournament that hosted limited top teams.

Plenty of internal issues started to show within the camp and it led to the team splitting up at the end of the Black Ops 3 season after placing in the top 16 at COD Champs 2016.

Infinite Warfare

Skrapz found himself moving teams once again, this time landing on Fnatic; which was their re-entry into Call of Duty esports for the first time since 2011.


Alongside Tommey and SunnyB, Skrapz convinced them to pick up his twin brother wuskin; who had recently started competing.

It was admittedly a slow but exciting start to the Infinite Warfare season. It was a team full of raw talent, who were attempting to overthrow the Call of Duty giants of the scene, under the guidance of EU veteran Tommey.

As the season grew, the team thrived, with their first major placement arriving at the EU CWL Birmingham Open in 2017.

Despite a small blip, that could have potentially seen them relegated from the Pro League, they hung on to make Stage 2 before going onto the second EU event of the year (CWL Sheffield) where they once again placed 3rd.

Things seemed to be on the up as they had the highest placing of any EU team at the Stage 2 finals (top 6) and managed a perfect 3-0 in pools at COD Champs 2017.

However, a surprise upset from NA amateur team Allegiance left them in a loser bracket match to Luminosity; which they lost to finish top 16.




A new year, meant a new team. Sticking with wuskin, the two picked up Moose and Seany to form a new squad under UNILAD Esports in WWII. It was a tale of two stories when comparing their online and offline performances.

Their lack of consistency when it mattered was enough to tempt Skrapz away from UNILAD to join Red Reserve, after a year plagued with top 16 finishes.

The team of Skrapz, Rated, Joee and Zer0 found success fast as they placed 2nd at CWL Anaheim, 1st in their Pro League division and 3rd in the playoffs.

They arrived at COD Champs 2018 in fine form, only to finish top 8; a career-best for Skrapz at COD Champs.

Black Ops 4

Following a short but sweet stint with Red Reserve, the team stuck together for Black Ops 4, adding Bance as their fifth squad member.


It was a poor start to the season, finishing in the top 12 at the CWL Las Vegas Open and were forced into the CWL Pro League Qualifier; a make or break event for their careers.

Despite going 4-2 in pools, it wasn't good enough to qualify out of pools; they had to do it the hard way, beating G2 Esports in a game 5 round 11 and finally Team Sween.

Black Ops 4 was no doubt Skrapz most impressive season to date as an individual. After poor placings and the Red Reserve organisation collapsing, FaZe saw an opportunity to re-enter Call of Duty esports and picked up Skrapz; buying the Pro League spot off of Red Reserve.

Along with Zer0, ZooMaa, Asim and Cellium, the team's first outing at CWL London was impressive despite the low and somewhat controversial placing. It was quickly forgotten thanks to their 4th place finish at CWL Anaheim and a 3rd place finish at the CWL Pro League playoffs.

It was the same story for Skrapz and his squad, heading into COD Champs 2019 in top form only to have things not click at the event - they placed top 16.

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Written ByChris Trout@TheTrout91